Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Dear Bum,

Could you please go on a diet so that I can fit into these jeans again? I mean come on already. I'm not going to be able to use the "I just had a baby" card much longer and I really miss these jeans. Like a lot more potato chips at 10pm. I mean it!

Mrs. Princess Pookie
P.S. Aren't Friday's fabulous?
Tune to download this weekend: Dog Days Are Gone by Florence + the Machine. It's a goodie! (Playing)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This was AMAZING!
Guess who's is town. If you live near Maple Valley, WA you must go to her concert tonight. (I saw her in Olympia last night.) I'm not kidding. Don't miss this opportunity to go see her. You will LOVE her.
Don't live in Washington? No big deal. Click HERE to view more of her stops on the map.
Mindy, next time you are in Washington you're coming to my house!:D

Me and Mindy Gledhill!
I was one of the lucky ones to see Mindy live last night. It was super duper cool.
The concert was in a grange with only about 100 people. She is quirky. She is inspiring. She is real.
I LOVE her music. In fact, she just might be better live than on CD!
Seriously...need a pick me up today and can't make it to her concert?
Download her Anchor album. You'll love it too!


Her music video to one of my favorite songs came out just over a week ago. So cute! Thank you Mindy for providing my Prince Charming and I with an excuse to have a date night in the middle of the week.
P.S. Your red boots are stellar!  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Fling

All of the above make me want to get up and dance!
All can be found HERE.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Princess

Happy Birthday my sweet Lucy Jayne!

I love you bigger than Disney Land.

And there it is....

This morning I did something big. Really big for me anyway. And it feels perfect. Not only does it feel perfect but I am at peace. Something I have been searching for for a while now. So, today I get to pat myself on the back and be proud. Be proud that I finally found the peace.

Til next time...

Mrs. Princess Pookie

Thursday, March 24, 2011

14 Years...and Forever to Go
Agree to disagrees.
3 nutty kids.
Best friends.
I love you forever my Prince.
Happy Anniversary.
Mrs. Princess Pookie
P.S. THIS could be a good anniversary gift?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm working on a new project that just may have been inspired by these photos.
Yes Prince Charming...I will finish it! But you will have to be in charge of the children. For maybe like 3 days. Or four.:)
THIS show is the latest addition to my DVR. It's a goodie!
Pics to follow soon. Well like in 3 or 4 or 5 days.
Happy Thursday.
It's almost FRIDAY~cool!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Latest Obsession

Little mini silhouettes.
Aren't they cuties?
I have a feeling this might be the beginning of a new collection. where to hang them?
In love with THIS set. Too bad I have to feed the children instead.:)
I actually made my own silhouettes of my family.
 If you look close they're ghetto but
they work! Hee hee!

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

The MODERN Oxford.
As opposed to the OLD SCHOOL oxford I wore in the 6th grade
and the EXTRA OLD SCHOOL oxford my Mom wore as a cheerleader.

These little darlings certianly made a fabulous come back a couple seasons ago and they are stll going strong with all sorts of new versions for the 2011 spring fling. Don't know what to wear them with? EVERYTHING! Seriously. Skirts, dresses, shorts, capri's, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, socks, no socks. (Exception: Mom jeans!) Super comfy, super cute, super TRENDY.
Do you dare?
I say YES please!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Happenings...F...F...F...




Here's to a F...F...F...Fabulous Monday!
P.S. Have you ever worn fake eyelashes? You should!
And the lucky randrom winner is...Comment #2 Jennette!
Congrats! E-mail me at mrsprincesspookie@hotmail
to receive your goods.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Groovy Green Spring Fever

Was doing a little SPRING cleaning and found these
happy little flower cabochon earrings begging for someone to rescue
them from the deep dark storage bin and wear them.
They are guaranteed to bring a little sunshine to your day, add pep
to your step and bring you much good luck in finding those perfect
spring sandals. On sale of course!
To Enter the give away:
Click on "Fashion Experts" below and tell us where you would like the
magic airplane to take you this weekend.
Go ahead...Enter vacation dream land for a moment and leave a comment.
Will even ship earrings to those of you who live in far away lands!
Winner will be announced Monday morn.
Enjoy your weekend.
Shop. Eat. Laugh.

That NAUGHTY Leprechaun

We've been attacked by the mischievous little leprechaun!

What? Sneaking into the children's rooms and coloring on their faces....

What? Messing up the house....

What? Leaving facial hair behind?

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Other festivities included:
gold coins, a lucky penny hunt, Lucky Charms for breakfast, arguing over who got more coins, tantrum over the placemats, grossing out over the green milk, fighting over lucky pennies.

Mr. Leprechaun can't help but it really worth it?:D

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Version of Afternoon Delight!

Here are a few finds that brought DELIGHT to my day.
These yellow dining chairs.
I think I have finally made the decision to paint my dining chairs in a lacquered yellow.

THESE throw pillows.
Perfect touch of pink for my living room couch.
However, my children seem to think that the throw pillows look better on the ground rather than on the couch.
THIS home tour on THIS super sassy fun blog.

THIS drink. Anyone want to join me for drinks this afternoon?
The non-alcoholic version of course!
Don't forget to Smile today.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Wooden ones that is.

Do I like them? Depends.
And you?


Catching barf with my bare hands (Lu was sick).
Tossing and turning.
Watching the bachelor~Does it ever work out?
Enjoying THIS blog.
Wiping my own nose (Now I'm sick).
Hating the rain~I know...enough with the rain complaints.
Loving my fatty fat baby boy.
Wondering where I put that w2 form~Special place where are you?
Craving a moment to create.
Adoring THESE.
Wishing my sun room was decorated cute~help?
Looking for a new hair style.
Hoping to rediscover the joy this week. Life is good. Really!:)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Rain, rain go away and NEVER come back again because I hate your guts really, really bad. Seriously dude, enough is enough!

However, at least I can still look FABULOUS in the rain!
Happy Friday!
Wear pink.
Dance in the rain.
Take a nap.
P.S. Prince Charming if I come home with a pair of THESE just remember I have been home alone with the children for the last 4 days. I suggest you keep all comments to yourself. Love you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Five days and $120 bucks later my computer is finally home. He caught a nasty virus on Friday. GRRRR! So, instead of buying THESE I got to pay a flippin' computer Dr. bill. Yay! Back to the bloggity blog soon. Thank you Mr. Computer Doc for reviving my second heartbeat.

Friday, March 4, 2011


It's Friday already? Totally forgot so you get TWO posts today. Why? Because FRIDAY wouldn't be FRIDAY without FFF! (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

I don't care how much baby blubber I have left, I sure wish I was some place where I could shove my big boobs and thunder thighs into one of these swimsuits! I'm pretty sure EVERYONE I know is going on vacation. If you are going on vacation I hate your guts!
Swimsuit Rule: Unless your body looks like THIS (and yours nor mine does) please spare us all and don't wear a bikini. We don't want to see it. Seriously! All of you have seen someone wearing a bathing suit they shouldn't be. Don't be one of those. Modest is hottest!!!
Happy Happy Happy Friday!
P.S. All the swimsuits pic. above can be found HERE.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sweet Things

Turn your mini muffin's artwork into something priceless!

Years ago Kelson drew me a picture of a ballerina. I treasure it.
The other day Lucy drew a picture of the two of us wearing tiaras. Precious!
I'm totally turning them into one of THESE!
LUCKY ME: I found a moment yesterday to paint my fingernails in a shade of sparkly salmon. They make me smile.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kid Dates

First prize at the pinewood derby!
(We won't discuss the $$ amount Prince Charming spent on this car.)
Last night I had a special date. A special date with a super cool guy (pic. above).
He ate KFC #2 while I ate Taco Time #7. Then we shared sour gummy worms from the vending machine. On our way home for some reason the topic of digestion came up.
Kelson Says: Mom, the other day when I wiped my bum I saw a whole piece of corn.
We laughed. In fact, we laughed really hard.
Love that date night thing.
LUCKY ME: I get to be Kelson's mom.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Not Irish

(Pretending like today is March 1)
Welcome MARCH! Let's do an Irish jig for the month of MARCH. Why do I like MARCH? Mostly because it means we're just that much closer to warmer, longer days. And because....
1. An excuse to buy something green.
2. An excuse to eat more guacamole.
3. An excuse to do something fancy with Prince Charming~our anniversary is this month.
4. An excuse to KISS me I'm Irish.
5. An excuse to drink beer. Oh wait, I don't drink beer.
6. An excuse to make corned beef and cabbage. Or not.
7. An excuse to eat LUCKY Charms for dinner.
8. An excuse to eat golden wrapped chocolate coins.
9. An excuse to find a rainbow
10. An excuse to make an excuse.
May we all find LUCK at the end of our rainbows this month.
LUCKY ME: Tax return season! Awesome!