Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's FFFF (Fabulous "Funky" Fashion Friday)

Gettin' Creative

It's Fabulous FUNKY Fashion Friday and I have yet again attempted to reinvent the old. Up Top: long sleeved shirt, layered with a blouse and topped off with a tank. The TRIPLE decker! Down Below: CowGIRL boots & taffeta black skirt.

Plain old boring tank adorned with mini pins and a few simple stitches. Whoda thunk?!

First of all, please excuse the "I have something in my eye" look. I don't know what my face was doing. My 6yr old took the pic-which he hates to do-so a re-shoot was out of the question.

Anyway...Here's a weekend project for you. Create your own funky tank. I like THESE pins and THESE would make the cutest little mini buttons. Iron on patches from JoAnn fabrics and snip-its of ribbon make for cute embellishments as well. Let your imagination create. Affordable, easy, fun! BTW: Tanks are $3 at Forever 21!

Pulled it all together with some silly arm decor I made. The bracelet says "cutie" not "cubie"!

It's something FUNKY!

p.s. Anyone want any carrot cake?:) I've had my fill!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Sweet Treat

I Carrot about you!

If you like carrot cake you must try THIS recipe. Carrot cake is not necessarily at the top of my must-have dessert list but every now again the thought of it tempts my tastebuds. I've had a random hankering for the dessert so what'd I do last night? Whipped up a carrot cake from scratch. Mind you, I have NEVER made carrot cake in my life but store bought wasn't going to do the trick! Just so you know, just because there's a veggie in the cake does NOT make it healthy. Warning: do not view the nutrition facts on this recipe!

BTW: No thanks to raisins~ Nasty crap!

Snazzy duds to showcase while baking up a carrot cake.

I don't favor the color ORANGE but I could do either pair of the above shoes!
If you live in the Tacoma, WA area you MUST visit Hello Cupcake on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Their CCC (carrot cake cupcake) is pretty darn tasty.

P.S. I'll take THIS "carrot" any day!

Lil' This Lil' That

Housing a BRAIN that has difficulty turning off in the wee hours of the night can be an extremely frustrating fuss to deal with. How do I cope? Tylenol PM when I'm desperate;) OR.... surfing the always open internet. However, I do enjoy a word search every now and again. Here are some of my recent random late night finds. Thank goodness often times I'm much too lazy to get up and retrieve my credit card number for purchases. It's really quite silly how many on-line shopping carts I have. The BEST way to shop~cyber shopping. You get the thrill of pretend purchasing! But, I must admit an awaiting package on the doorstep is much more thrilling.:D

I have never actually purchased any "fancy" nibbles from Williams-Sonoma but have always considered it. I just can't bring myself to pay that much for calories! However, some day I'm sure I'll break down. I think the Brownie Pops are too much fun!

Burt's Bees Citrus and Ginger Root body wash. I smelled this at Target the other day and it is divine! I definitely see this body wash in my future.

Speaking of Target, this Bird & floral print chair would look smashing either in my bedroom or living room. $299 still~ugh~come on Target. I want the $99 version!

If you've been following my blog, by now you know I'm obsessed with Anthropologie. Need a FRESH new dress for spring? The Musing Moon Dress is precious.

Miz Mooz Jillian Pumps from I tried these "heels" on at Nords not too long ago and they are AMAZING. Comfy heels....yes, they do exist. I adore this brand of shoes!

I really like See Kai Run shoes. This particular pair is new for spring and would look perfectly yummy on my Lulu's toesies. CUTIES!

Alexander Henry Fabrics~ Because I'm such a huge seamstress! Or...not so much. :) Bright colors, energizing patterns and slightly vintage-ish~Beautiful!!

I'm in love with this sweet little find from Etsy. TUTUS and LEOS! Absolutely adorable! Etsy is the BEST!

See anything you like? You're just one simple click away!
Have fun filling your cyber shopping carts. Shop On!

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare? I Do!

Hmm...What to post about today? My brain is mush, I haven't been "out and about" aka "shopping" for well over a week now (no, something is not wrong with me, I've been busy people) and quite frankly all I want to do is take a long nap. Once again the sun has left my part of the world (what a surprise) consequently leaving me in a state of complete blahness. NO, I'm not depressed. And YES, I have crap days just like the rest of the human race! However, I refuse to let the word ''depressed" be part of my vocabulary. Anyway, in honor of my non-depressed blahness I have chosen a cosmetic free zone for Today's' "TT".

A cosmetic free Princess Pookie chillin' in her bed doing much of absolutely nothing. Now this is a TREND I could get use to!

AHHH....the beauty (or not so much) of being an all natural babe. BTW: You can uncover your eyes now. It's not that bad! Or is it?:) How liberating it is to go cosmetic free in a world that is so cosmetic full. Do I dare go in public like this? Yes! And I do just about everyday. (Note: My career is getting paid to work out. Why apply blush when you're just going to sweat it off!) Don't get me wrong. I adore my personal cosmetic collection housed in the little black & white checked box that sits comfortably on the back of my toilet. (Note: back of toilet is NOT a great storage area for cosmetics. I'll let you do the math on that one.) However, there's something to be said about being PROUD of the face that God blessed you with. In case you were wondering, God did not create you wearing #2 foundation and "tickle me pink" lip gloss!

So...I dare you. Throw your cosmetics to the wind (or the toilet if you're me) for the day! BUT with this challenge comes the trip to Costco, on sample day of course, greeting each and every employee with a PROUD grin on your gloss-free lips.

TO those of you who cannot live without application, here are a few products I really like that don't say "Buy me a drink baby".

Tinted moisturizer: "You Rebel"~Benefit
Eyes: Your favorite mascara
Cheeks: Sheer cream blush in "Shhh!"~Benefit
Lips: M.A.C. lipglass in "PRRR" (thanks Deb!)

Princess Pookie's Little Confession: I may leave the house without make up but I absolutely will not leave my house without freshly brushed teeth and my Burt's Bee's lip balm. Sorry, not gonna happen princesses!

Shine On!
I liked the song from yesterday so much that I decided to enlighten your ears once more.
Download Me: Shine On~The Kooks

P.S. So I may have an ugly face but I do have pretty toes. I'm tellin' ya, pretty toes in the dreary months do wonders for the girlie spirit within!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome Back!

Did they have a good time?
This would be the result of late night movie watching, missed naps,
junk food overload and excessive vitamin D!
YIPEE...we found the sun! Not a single drop of rain.
Now that's what I call a miracle.

Hunting on the beach
Say no to crack Lulu!
Having a PARTY in the back of the car. All are invited to join!
...According to Kels.
My road trip treat choice. It's Robbin Egg season. YES! My fav.
Do you remember digging in the rocks when you were a kid
on vacation? EVERY tourist trap has them!
The selling of rocks~what a genius~ the person was who came up with this idea!
How they like to dress in Port Townsend.
Interesting little place up there. Cute, but interesting. road trip would be complete without a stop to the Mcky Dees' playland.

And this IS what it's all about!

Bottom Line: Was it anything like sipping pina colada's on a cruise ship? Of course not. Would I have rather been on a cruise ship sipping pina colada's? Yes~duh! But that is not the point. Each and every day I'm realizing how quickly time is slipping away. Even though there are days that I may not particularly like my children-note: always love 'em, just don't like 'em everyday:)-I'm learning that right NOW a precious moment is happening that I won't ever get back. And whether I'm on a cruise ship, on a road trip, or simply filling the bathtub with bubbles bound to overflow, I know that the most important thing in my life to do today is make a memory with my family! (I'm totally tearing up-geesh!)

Make it a memorable Monday!

p.s. Thank you auntie jan and uncle PBJ for letting us intrude on the cabin. Next time we'll be sure to break the vaccuum!;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out Of Office!

No more Princess Pookie blogging for the rest of the week. My family and I have gone in search of sunshine. We're on a "Princess" cruise ship drinking Pina Coladas (non-alcoholic!), lounging on the sun deck and pigging out at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Oh darn, and that was such a good dream I was having. All right...really we're taking a roadie with the kids to explore, in the rain mind you, what the good old state of Washington is all about. However...still in search of sunshine!! Wish us luck.

Meet me back here bright and early Monday morning for some more ridiculous fashion blogging fun!

I'll miss you! Shop for me!

In the meantime, Tim Gunn has some fabulous advice to share with you. I love this guy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Happy 50th Barbie! I hope I look like you when I turn 50.
Oh're made out of plastic & I'm not. However, some plastic boobs would be nice. Never ending perkiness~hmm...:D

For this week's "Trendy Tuesday" I have chosen to feature the one and only infamous dream girl~Barbie. Why? On Valentine's day the runway in N.Y.C was hot hot hot with Barbie fashions. In honor of her big 5-0 (3.9.59), 50 different designers created 50 outfits to honor the perfectly proportioned babe. Through the years Barbie certainly created her fair share of "drama" in the industry but, come on you have to admit if you were a Barbie doll lover she provided hours of entertainment and served as an excellent babysitter. I'm sure MY mother would concur! So, those of you mama's out there who are anti-Barbie-lovers I ask that you not pass judgement on those of us who spent countless hours creating Barbie swimming pools in our bathrooms! Some of you may be asking what is the "trend" in this? Well, let me enlighten you...the color PINK! Of course! So, go on~ Think Pink this week! BTW: Now that my little darling has a Barbie or two of her own, I FULLY understand why my mom threw all the Barbie shoes away! I despise them! The one type of shoe I can do ones!:)

I while back I purchased some Barbie cabochons on and created some silly jewels. Yes, I wear these! (necklace, hair pin, earrings) No, not all at the same time...duh! That's too matchy matchy! ~yuck!

LOVE this hot barbie~ish color for the toes! How could a color like this NOT put a smile on your face?! Try it...I dare you!

Stila created a line in honor of Barbie's 50th birthday. Click HERE to view. It's pretty! I like THIS palate.

I would totally wear THIS vintage looking T. I bought a similar one for my OLDER sis. 40th B-day. Just a little reminder of being young again.

WOW! Television has come a LONG way. How cute is this?!

So, were you a Barbie LOVER or Barbie Hater? I'd love to know!
P.S. THIS site is a kinda cute peek. Test your Barbie trivia!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Just the TWO of us...

{Strawberry Waffles}
{chocolate dipped strawberries}Happy VALENTINES Day!
We don't generally get gifts for each other but while playing in Seattle, hubs
bought me THESE little yummies. They're pretty cute on the lobes!

A few more V-day this and thats...
We ate at Gordon Biersch in Seattle~excellent food & superb service!
Highly recommend it! I had strawberry MINT lemonade and Jer had the
"housemade" rootbeer. TASTY!

I gave Jeron Fig Newtons (icky!) and he gave me Loft House sugar cookies.
As you can see, mine were much more popular with the fam. than his!

More cards to add to the collection.
Gerber daisy's from Jer (he even found ribbon and tied a bow
around the vase!) and tulips from the kids.
My Man!

I LOVE you to the moon and back my hunk of burnin' love.
Thanks for another PERFECT V-day!

Ya...that's right! I just posted a pic. of your bum bum. Why...cuz I love it!:D
Just the FAMILY...Once we got home from our "day" date, we ate cookies with the kids, had heart shaped pizza and watched a movie. We also dipped strawberries & maraschino cherries in chocolate. Sorry, no pics. I meant to at least take one of the pizza but the kidos dug in to it before I could grab the camera.
Sure hope you all had a wonderful weekend of LOVE!

The toothfairy visited us again!