Sunday, July 13, 2014


Loving everything about this song. Thank you Colbie Caillat.
Read the article about her here

Friday, May 23, 2014


 Yep, she's definitely dead!

There is nothing I like more in life than laughing!
Check THIS out! So funny!
(My favorites are #8 head on fire and #18 legos-
if you've ever stepped on a lego you'll understand!)
Have the HAPPIEST Friday ever!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Dear Potato Chips,
You're stupid. Go home!
Note To Self: Never buy the Costco size again!

And in case you were wondering...
Although being physical active is awesome,
it's only 1/2 the battle. 
Make good choices!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Maybe I should...

*yes that would be a self tanner line on my right foot*

Check in?
Yep. Still alive and dandy.

operation craft room clean out (it's almost done!)
teaching, teaching, teaching
dance recital preparations....oh please can't you just be over already?
pinning outdoor landscaping ideas like crazy
learning outdoor landscaping (aka pool) this year is not in the budget-DANG IT!
summer vacations planned...check!
THIS lipstick rocks!
it's (almost) already hot as hell here in AZ
prepping for girls camp has NOT been fun. did I mention I HATE camping?
making all kinds of fabulous home decor discoveries at Homegoods (pics?)
want THESE (in white) next
the three yr old has turned into a screamer (when he's having fun that is) it's freaking annoying!
Kels turned 12, Lucy turned
laundry is still stupid
why do I like chips so much? that salty goodness just sucks me in until the whole bag is gone.
school is out and summer has officially started at my house. let the refereeing begin!

Hope you're all finding love, happiness and adventure in your worlds!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can't Get Enough

You can never go wrong with a stripe!

P.S. Cute! & Cute!

This is just stupid weird!
(we're potentially in the pool design process. came across this thing while searching for designs.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Oh hi. were you wondering where i have been? probably not really, but i'll tell you anyway. nowhere. absolutely nowhere. (besides taking selfies.) however, this thing called "life"' has been calling me daily and making me do things i don't want to do. like cook dinner, grocery shop, and raise kids. right now at this very moment my lucy is reading to me. see? multitasking...blogging, letting my self tanner dry (P.U. btw)  and being the mother of the year. all at the same time! but, i have no idea what she is reading. quite frankly i don't care. i do not enjoy listening to my children read out loud. nope. i just don't. please don't tell them that. see, mother of the year stuff right there.

so what are we all thinking about the gladiator sandal trend? love? hate? no way? i tried some on. conclusion: pretty cool, but for only for a nordstrom rack sorta purchase in the $40 range. i mean come on now, how often are you really going to pull a pair of these out. it's not like they're everyday wear. phf... (find some here)

the season is upon us...
omg yep!
(and yep again)

omg nope!
unless you're jiggly all over with stretch marks and a belly ring... go for it. 
because a body like that is totally appropriate for a suit like this. apparently.

trust me. i'm trying!

 why do i think i must have these in order for my life
 to continue on?  #igotaluluproblem
(i don't even know what a hashtag is. no really, i don't.)

if only. #myhairsucks
(seriously, what's a hashtag?)

it's been great chatting with you.
see you real soon with more pointless jabber.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Because It's OK To Be A Dreamer

If I lived in a world where money didn't matter then this would be my designer bag of choice.  It's my "IT" bag. It's my "dream come true" bag. It's my "solve all my problems" bag. (Just kidding about that last one, but wouldn't it be amazing if a handbag could solve all your problems? SUPER bag!) This is one designer item that I just might be willing to save my pennies for (a gently used one that is). Why? Because a Chanel will NEVER go out of style. Never.