Friday, October 31, 2008

FFF! FaBOOlous Fashion Friday

Is it a costume or is it just my outfit?
So I took my Lulu to a pumpkin parade event yesterday wearing this outfit and someone told me how cute I looked in my costume. Dead serious...No lie! Maybe someone should turn me in to "What Not To Wear"?! By the way...this is not a costume. It's just me being me!

Here's your FFF challenge: Pull out that sundress, throw on jeans and a thermal T and you've official winterized your summer wardrobe. Trucker hat optional!
(I picked up my Ed Hardy trucker hat at TJMaxx--el bargaino! Comparatively speaking that is.)

Happy Halloween Princesses!

Don't watch THIS if you are a scaredy cat. It's really not scary but I think scaring people is so funny. However, when someone pulls a "scare prank" on me, you better watch out. I get freaked out so easily. Ya can't blame me. I grew up in a house that had a walk-out basement and a laundry shoot. Those two features in a home SCREAM scary pranks! Consequently me and all my siblings enjoyed tapping on a basement door or punching a hand through the laundry shoot door quite often. I swear I will NEVER live in a home with a laundry shoot!
Get this, my husband took me to a haunted forest on our first date and I was so scared I literally peed my pants. This headless horseman came out of no where and then followed by the chainsaw man who I'm pretty sure was chasing me. It was just too much! Needless to say, the date ended early with NO smooching-maybe-and he married me anyway. I haven't been back to anything "haunted" since. Even the haunted mansion at Disney Land gives me the willies!
May you all look absolutely SPOOKtacular this Halloween! Heck, It's the one day of the year where you can literally look scary and fit right in.

P.S. FFF next week is for all of you jeans and T loving Mommas!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Matters Most?

Fashion Smashion is the mood of the day. Is it important for us to feel great about who we are? Yes. Is it okay to spend money now and again on yourself? Of course! However, at the end of the day what really matters most? These last couple weeks I have been given the opportunity to reflect on "life situations" in general. And my sucks...bottom line! Okay so not all the time. But even with the faith and spiritual knowledge that I have, I still struggle to understand how God so-called chooses what trials we will have to endure in this life.

My heart is currently aching and continues to remain unhealed for one of my princess girlfriends in need. She has been sitting in the hospital, literally, for the last (almost) four months watching her precious baby girl fight for her life. As a mother, I can only imagine the the agony, frustration, hurt, anger, pain, confusion, etc. running through every single vein in her body. All she wants is to take her little bundle home. That's it. But knowing that is not a reality, she has chosen (kicking and screaming mind you) to turn it over to our Father in Heaven. What strength one must have to willing throw their hands up in the air and say, "Okay what?" Life isn't always fair. (As my mother still likes to remind me!) I truly believe that the lessons given to us are ours to own even if we don't understand the why. They make us stronger. They open up our eyes to things we don't see. And in the end, sometime, somehow, somewhere, they make us better human beings.

Meem...I have no idea why you. But what I know for sure is Mia is the luckiest princess alive to have you as her Mommy. I also know that all the sorry's in the world will not make things better but you and your incredible faith have certainly influenced an army. Thank you!

Princess Mimi and Princess Baby Mia

I know most of you reading this don't know who Mimi and Mia are. But to those of you reading this post I encourage you to take a moment to go HERE and get to know these amazing princesses better. It will absolutely change you.

So princesses, the question for you today is...What matters most to you? I know it's not your Coach handbag or Juicy Couture hoodie that cost you a fortune -;) wink!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a Love Hate Thing

Princess Pookie...

Loves her little darlings
Hates how fast they're growing-most days:)

Loves to shop
Hates to shop with children

Loves to eat out (especially Chinese)
Hates to cook

Loves a clean kitchen
Hates to clean the kitchen

Loves shoes
Hates to clean up shoes scattered around the house

Loves a sale
Hates when there's nothing on sale in her size

Loves "So You Think You Can Dance"
Hates the commercials

Loves Nordstrom
Hates Macy's (sorry Macy's lovers)

Loves Holiday colored peanut butter M&M's
Hates the brown peanut butter M&M's

Loves the sun
Hates the rain

Loves Range Rovers
Hates that she'll never have one (even if I could afford one I'd probably never buy one. Wait...yes I would! Duh!)

Loves music
Hates when she forgets to re-charge her ipod

Loves french fries
Hates the calories

Loves Charlie Brown Holiday TV specials
(Watching the Great Pumpkin right now!)
Hates that the TV specials aren't so "special" anymore now that I'm old (Can you name all the C.B. characters? Hint HERE)

Loves her Prince Charming
Hates nothing about him! (Alright, the occasional snoring can be a bit bothersome but I love you anyway!)

What does this post have to do with fashion? Pretty much nothing!
Let's focus on the Loves today and forget about the hates.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'ts Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Note: I dedicate this post to my high school BFF "Joseph" who, thanks to Pastry Palace:) had all the time in the world to always have the perfectly painted fingers! Back in the day, if I remember correctly, green was the favored color. Oh, and an occasional hue of purple. Happy Birthday to you! Hmm...I could go for one of those famous Pastry Palace CC cookies about now.

Hey Girlies! Pull those fingers and tosies out and take a moment to paint them pretty. "Deliciously darks" are HOT! HOT! HOT! this season as well as shades of purple-gray. O.P.I. makes one called "Metro Chic" (pictured) that I adore and it brings a whole new meaning to "neutral nails". O.P.I. brand of polish is pricey but I love the richness of color it produces. Consider it an investment. It will last forever. Okay, so technically it's not supposed to last forever but I'm sure I still have a peachy colored polish in my collection that I wore to my high school prom-scary! Watch out for toe jam and don't forget that top coat! Oh, and please don't let it wear itself off. (I know you know what I'm talking about.) There's a product out there called "remover". Check out some of these O.P.I polish names: Don't Go There, Let's Do Lunch, Charge It, Queen of Everything, Curve-aceous and my personal favorite...Sample Sale! I want the polish naming job. Can someone hook me up?

Want to get In-Spider-ed? Check out THIS Holiday collection-it's SPOOKtacular! And I LOVE THIS saucy couture collection. Now that's color perfection!

WARNING: If you want to go dark for the season, PLEASE manicure those nails short in length!

T or F: Polish lasts longer if you keep it in the fridge?
A: Big fat false! However, maybe if you chill it along side your favorite beverage it could be more fun to apply?

T or F: Wearing black nail polish means you hang with the "goth" hommies.
A: FALSE again! Yes, black is bold but it also says, I'm okay with me!'s not okay to let black (or any dark polish) go chippy. Remove or touch up ASAP upon chippage!

Girlfriend Alert!: Pick up a trendy polish for a princess in need. Wrap with a pink ribbon and you'll certainly turn someones gloomy day into all smiles!

P.S. For those who requested, you'll find some of my favorite tunes listed in the right column. This was NOT an easy task due to the fact that I'm an iTunes junkie. These lists will periodically change with my mood and if you scroll to the bottom of blog, you'll find some samples of the tunes. Enjoy! Don't spend too much money downloading now!:) Warning: If you're addicted to iTunes like I am, NEVER look at the "purchased" section in your iTunes library. Do you know how many pairs of shoes I could have purchased??

Friday, October 24, 2008

Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Family Fun Night at the School

What a night of sheer family "fun" .

(This is my new pink ruffle hoodie from "Home".

Mini Golf, jumpy house and pumpkin picking...what more could a kid ask for?

We still have how many tickets left?

ALERT! ALERT! Mom jeans in the house. Run for your lives!

I don't care how great of a deal these mom jeans were. The perma wedge isn't worth it!

So this is what two hours of standing in line and $10 bucks got us. I think next year we'll take our $10 bucks and visit the Target toy department instead! Ba hum bug Mommy.

These beauts will be a party to remove!

The Holiday Gift Show
(I actually hit this on Thurs.)

So I totally should not have gone to this considering I just had surgery but my sister made me do it. Don't tell anyone but I didn't last very long shopping at the Holiday show. It was pretty lamo anyway. Get this...I had THREE males compliment me on my sock/boot combo. See ladies, the males species does pay attention to fashion. (Wearing my new b-day hat and socks.)

Someone please hit me and tell me I'm dreaming. These lovely's canNOT possibly still be in production! If you currently have one of these in your closet, you've got a fashion nightmare on your hands. GET RID OF IT!

What did I buy at the gift show? Ribbon. Boring? Maybe but pink and black ribbon is a gift wrapping fashion frenzy favorite of mine so it's a little exciting for me! Got a good deal too!

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

I committed to do this b-day party about 2 mo. ago. What's a princess to do? Disappointing a 5 yr. old and all her guests is not my style no matter how crappy I feel!

Mom's Feeling a Little Better So Let's Give Dad a Break!

Krispy Kreme Donuts... Now that's an adventure! Thanks dad for staying home and doing a gazillion loads of laundry so that we can all be "fashionable" come Monday morning!

Thank you LCCA (my hub's peeps) for the special weekend delivery!

(Don't get me wrong...I LOVE getting flowers but w/my b-day being last weekend and now the minor health scare, my house is starting to look like a funeral parlor!)

Act V

It's Sunday!

Cowboy boots and it!

Fashion Tip: Notice you won't find the color of my shirt anywhere in my dress. Keepin' with the Princess Pookie not "too matchy matchy" rule. Try it!

Gee's I'm exhausted just writing this blog. I just had a major operation for cryin out loud. I need a nap!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FFF! (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

MUSTARD! People either love it or hate it. Me...I'm definately a mustard girl. Both for eating and for wearing...the color that is. You can't step into a fashion hot spot these days without running in to the color of mustard yellow.

How To Wear Mustard:
To be frank (no pun intended), I don't think there are many people out there who can pull off a solid mustard yellow top. As for trousers, in my opinion, mustard yellow screams "check out my big butt". So, I recommend keeping the condiment color to your accessories-shoes, handbags, jewels, etc. For you conservatives out there, I need you to trust me when I tell you mustard yellow is a fairly versitle color! Really! HERE , HERE, and HERE are all great colors to wear with mustard. With a simple click of the mouse HERE, HERE, or HERE a snazzy pair of cozy yellows could be yours today. Do NOT wear mustard yellow with pastels. Keep to the "jewel" tones (wine, teal, deep purple,etc.) and you'll be a master mustard diva!
Here's how to justify buying something mustard yellow to your husband:
"But Sugar Lips, it's the perfect color to wear to the game. If I get too excited while cheering and smoosh mustard down the front of me, no one will ever notice. And...if I wasn't wearing yellow, we'd probably have to leave the game early darn it!"

This fashion statement came from Target last season. $40! If I'm ever feeling bad about myself this is the coat to wear. I get TONS of compliments on this silly thing!

Yes, I have not only one but two pairs of yellow shoes. I tell ya, they match more than you can imangine. Plus we're looking at two completely different styles of shoes here!

And...introducing you to one of my favorite yellow accessories...

Yes my friends...this is a gigantic butterfly attached to my headband. LOVE this thing! Too flamboyant? I don't really care what you think so there!

Can I wear mustard yellow with black?

Yes! But in moderation! (yellow shoes and bracelet)

Do you prefer dijon or regular?

Homework: Open your eyes this weekend to the color of mustard. You'll never know if don't try it just once!

Have a happy fabulous Friday on!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anything For a Good Haircut!

Any princess knows that nothing can get in the way of a good haircut--not even an ovary! Especially when you've been waiting weeks for your appointment! It was Pookie Bears (Lulu's) first haircut today. All that baby fly stuff is gone-yipee-and now she's got style! Thank you Julie. You've got "mad" kid cut skills! Ta Da! Isn't my princess adorable??

Check THIS out! The other night a commercial came on for this product and I literally started laughing out loud. I was waiting for the "just kidding this is a joke" part of the ad to come on. It never did so of course I had to check it out on-line. Big Happie Hair presents BUMPITS. Yep, it's real! In my opinion this gadget falls into the same category as the spray on hair for balding men! Slightly clever but it totally doesn't work. This should have be invented about 10yrs ago. Never fear you back-combers out there, this product saves your day!

What hair dos are hot for the season? Long or short? Straight or curly. I've decided that whatever the current "hair" trend hair is the EXACT opposite. I've also accepted the fact that life is just full of "bad hair days". (Unless you have a personal stylist on hand at all times. Hmm...that's right up there with a personal chef.) Have you ever left a salon with haircut remorse? If the answer is yes, then it's okay to go back in a couple days and try for round two. If your stylist loves you, then he or she will make some adjustments free of charge. You just have to be the brave one to phone in for a redo.
TREND ALERT...It's back! Welcome to pixie land. I think this type of hairstyle is adorable but I'm just not brave enough to take the hair chopping plunge. Not yet anyway!
LOVING the flirty braids! Like a garland headdress, a single braid woven across the top of the head is soooo romantic. Moreover, it's a brilliant alternative to hair clips for keeping hair off your face! Braids are the perfect match with this season's jeweled tones. Let's have a braiding party. Not-so-cool braids: The ones you get while vacationing in Jamaica. If you feel like this is a must, at least spare us the color coordinated beads!
Salon Etiquette: Call to cancel if you can't make your appointment, watch the gossip in the chair and yes, your stylist expects you to tip! However, if your stylist is annoyed that you don't buy the recommended products...find a new stylist!

How far would you drive for a haircut?

Wishing you a happy hair day!
P.S. Princess Rachel purchased the "Biviel" boots. Congrats on your purchase. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Check Out This Beauty

Monday morning at about 5am I found the gown of the century! Now princesses, this was no ordinary gown. It was a lovely shade of cornflower blue and had cute little bows racing up the back. To make it extra sexy it had the option of leaving some of the bows untied. My accessory of choice was the color of puke. These gowns really are one of a kind but if you're absolutely dying to get one, you can pick one up at Tacoma General hospital. You can keep it if you'd like but it will cost you around $8000.00 used! So I just recommend "borrowing" it. For an extra $350 they'll even throw in a nice surgery cap. Even though these gowns are absolutely gorgeous, the pain I had to go through to get one was certainly not worth it! might be wondering why on earth would I ever want to try one of these gowns on?! Well, I woke up Monday morning in some really ugly pain so Prince Charming rushed me the to ER. After about 3 hours and several barf bags later, Dr. McDreamy (I wish!) determined that I had a twisted ovary due to a heavy cyst. The best case scenario was to just remove the cyst and save the ovary. But, by the time I got to surgery the ovary had already decided to pass on to the other side. Since I've NEVER really had any health issues the thought of surgery freaked me out. But I made it and all the staff at TG were over-the-top amazing. So, here I am at home in my own bed. No sale shopping for me today! Here's to a quick recovery. I'm supposed to be going to the Holiday gift show this weekend--nice timing stupid ovary!

Special Delivery
This is why God made girlfriends!

New polka dot jammies (polka favorite!), gossip magazines, soup and bread. Now that's the perfect post surgery pick-me-up! Thanks a gazillion Cheri for thinking of me!

P.S. Also, Thank you everyone for all your offers of help and "thinking of you" phone calls! I'm very lucky to be surrounded by such great princesses!

Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Scarf It Up! The scarf. These are everywhere this season. I have to admit, at first glance this particular style was a little too funky punk for me but then I bought a "bandanna" looking print one and I have thoroughly enjoyed the fashion delight it has provided. Throw on a solid T and one of these and you have mastered the trend!

How to Tie the Triangle Scarf

(I nicknamed it the "triangle scarf". Not to be confused with the
classic neck scarf.)

Step 1: should be self explanatory. Place on chest and...

Step 2: Take the ends and wrap around back of neck.

Step 3: Tie in lose knot underneath "triangular" scarf. (This is the front of me.)

Step 4: Viola...there you have the perfectly tied, amazingly stylish neckerchief. (Knot is hiding underneath.) Come on, get one. Everyone is doing it! You might as well saddle up the horse and bale some hay in style.

HERE and HERE are some other darling ways to wear a scarf. Fashion Terminology 101: Do you know what a snood is? Check HERE. Cute or not for you? Would Princess Pookie wear a snood? Not so much!

How much should I expect to spend on one of these cuties? $10-$25 more if you want to get real fancy.

Where did Princess Pookie get hers? From "Home" of course! (BP $18)

P.S. The Employee Princess at Nordstrom had to teach me how to do this! I'm not as smart as I look.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Guess what Prince Charming got me for my birthday?


You were about ready to be jealous weren't you? My hubby knows that a convertible RED beetle is the perfect car for me and my sassy personality. However, he also knows that not-so-nice words would come out of my mouth every time I had to load and seat belt two children in car seats into the back of one of these two door automobiles. So, knowing how much I want one of these cuties, he teased me by taking me out for a test drive for my birthday. Maybe in a couple years one of these will be sitting in my driveway for my b-day (hint hint). My hubby does an amazing job taking care of his Princess Pookie for special occasions. A couple months ago when he asked me what I wanted for my birthday, as kindly and as lovingly as I could, I told him I wanted him and the children to leave--for 24hrs. that is. (However, I could have gone 48 hrs.!) So, that's exactly what he did. Yes Princesses, I had the luxury of doing what ever the heck I wanted to for 24hrs. What did I do? Well that's just none of your bees wax!!:) I will tell you though that as I was flipping through the channels I caught a glimpse of Dr. 90210. Hmm...I know a Princess with boobies the size of peanut M&M's that fly South year round. I wonder what kind of miracle they could whip up on me...I mean her?!

Along with the priceless gift of aloness, Prince Charming gave me...
Gerber Daisy's AND Tulips!

My two favorite types of flowers.

A gift certificate for a pedi.
An amazing dinner for TWO at Ravenous. (Sorry no pic. I'll spare you the PDA.) I highly recommend this restaurant. It was quaint, decently priced and most importantly yummy to the tummy!
Last but certainly not least...

The ultimate Princess Pookie birthday cake-German Chocolate-home-made by my one and only incredible, babe-0-licious, gorgeous, Prince Charming. This cake is freakin awesome! Don't you wish you had my Prince? Sorry, he's not for sale. Not today anyway!:)

Here's a peek at the birthday fashion trends I swept up for myself.

Jeans from H&M, "non-cheap looking boots that were a cheap" from Nordstrom Rack (score!) and a hat and knee socks from one of my all-time favorite stores, Anthropologie. I really wanted to buy THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS at Athropologie as well but the birthday budget just wouldn't allow. Darn! What can I say...I had a fabulouso weekend. Just me, myself and I!

How old did Princess Pookie turn this year? 39--don't I look great for my age?

What's Princess Pookie's secret to looking young? You tell people you are older than you really are! Genius! None of this "29" stuff for me.

P.S. Hint: I was born in 1976. You do the math!:)

Be sure to check back to see what's in store for "Trendy Tuesday".