Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Dear Diary,

This year Halloween was a pain in the ass. There, I said it. Here is how my Holiday went....

1. Made grocery list for delicious home cooked Halloween meal. Lost grocery list.
2. Went to school and watched kindergarten costume parade. It was sorta dumb. Lucy was darling of course, but I gotta be honest, it was dumb.
3. Went to grocery store and shopped off imaginary grocery list while wrestling Berks to sit in the stupid cart. Kill me now please!
4. Made treats which were originally intended to be delivered to neighbors. Instead, spent way too much time making them cute and delivered them to hubs co-workers. None were left for nieghbors.
5.Went back to school and delivered Halloween treats to teachers that could have potentially looked like I was giving them alcohol. Nice.
6. Called hubs and told him to pick up take out.
7. Yelled at Lucy for smearing her make up.
8. Cleaned puke off Kels costume. Seriously?
9. Turned lights off and ditched the trick-or-treaters.
10. Now (and for the next 3 weeks) cleaning massive amounts of spray glitter off my bathroom floor.
 Stole cotton candy from my children.

And there you have it.
Don't get me wrong. I am a lover of everything Holiday. But, sometimes
I can't help but ask, "Is it worth it?"
How was your Halloween?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


...don't you think?

It's Friday.
Shop. Eat cake. Wear something FABULOUS!
P.S. THESE are fab for her, THESE are fab for him.
We're redecorating today.

Wish we could add THIS piece.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 This and That's

1. I live in Arizona now. It's still freakin hot. I tried to wear jeans and boots yesterday and almost died.
(I'm not complaining. Just sayin.)

 2. Yay! My letters finally came for my kitchen. Aren't they cute? I ordered them on Etsy.

3. Got to see one of my besties (so I wish) last weekend. You all MUST purchase her new Christmas cd. I asked her if she would do a concert at my house. She said yes. Really she did! I'm not kidding. Maybe we are besties after all.:)

4. Need my baby boy to walk now.
5. Need my baby boy to walk now.
6. Need my baby boy to walk now.

7. Do you think I could recreate this room? I need that yellow chevron chair.

8. Thinking about making these. Too hard? THIS tutorial seems great!

9. Anyone read THIS blog?  I sat by Mr. Nielson on the airplane. We chatted it up. Does that make me cool cuz he's sorta like a celebrity?

10. Laughed so hard listening to my son talk about what his dad does for a living.
(Prince Charming is the boss over a lot of nursing homes. Which means a lot of old people. And old people can be funny. According to Kels.)

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's TT!

Shiny. Blingy. Girly.
Sparkly sequins are the IT thing right now.
Shoes, clutches, tanks, pants.
To be found at Target, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, Nords ,etc., and
ranging from $-$$$$.
My's "trendy"... don't spendy.

My preference? Blazer, SEQUIN T, jeans, heels and lots of bangles.
Pick up ONE sequin piece this season to pair with your casuals.
{NOTE: The secret to this trend is keep it to one thing. Too much is not a good thing.}

Do it! You will look HOT HOT HOT.


My blog bugs.
Please be patient with me as I experiment over the next couple days, weeks, or months with my design.
I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm determined to figure it out.
As I pretend like I know what I'm doing I will do my best not to use bad words.
No promises though. Wish me luck!

Once upon a time there was this girl.
And she went to this thing.
And she met A LOT of really cool girls.
And she made A LOT of really cool stuff.
Now she has a crafting hangover.
And needs to take a nap.
The end.

I'm home. I had an awesome weekend. I'll tell ya all about it. Soon.

Happy Monday! Make it a GREAT one!

P.S. If you need new boots, THESE are fabulous.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lil Punkin

Happy Birthday To You!

Berkley Jeron Walker
May all your birthday wishes come true.

P.S. I'm out of town...again...doing something really cool. ;) I'll tell you all about it when I get back. 

My Crew

J. Crew catalog browsing.
I said "browsing". J. Crew is a bit on the $$ side but I love
to study the color combos and pattern mixes.

 Someday I'll own something cashmere!

Take Note: Lavender, yellow, red-orange.
Yep, it's true. You can wear a bowl of Fruit Loops and look stunning.
Assignment: Add some color to your life. Mix it up today. 
P.S. If this catalog is not coming to your mailbox click HERE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back Today, Gone Again Soon

Where in the world have I been?

Hanging with Mickey and my devil eyes. 

 Being a DUMBO for standing in line for this ride.

 Buying princess hair.

 Being silly with Prince Charming.

 Eating HERE. SOOO much fun!

 Checking out the stars.

 Huntington beach.

 Trying to convince Prince Charming he should wear this for Halloween.

Shopping in the LA fashion district.
If you're in LA you must go here.

 Hanging with my home girl.

 Witnessed this amazing couple get married for time and all eternity.

Getting my sisters in line.
I have no idea what I was doing here. This pic makes me laugh.

 Indulging in Mac N Cheese bites from HERE.
 Loving my girls.
I'll let you believe these babes are my hommies from high school.
Or I could tell you that I am their aunt.

 Taking a spin in G-pa's new toy.

 Playing my favorite game (cuz I always win:D) and eating G-pa's famous popcorn.

Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to me again. New manicure with THIS color.

Happy Birthday yet again.
Came home to Prince Charming's AMAZING homemade German Choco. Cake.

And an extra special very unexpected birthday surprise.
It's a cookie jar.
Thank you Prince Charming for a very special birthday.

Okay so that was far too much boring "all about me" stuff.
Thanks for indulging.
See you tomorrow.
Trendy Tuesday shall return next week.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What I learned at Disney.

1. Dumbo is NOT worth the wait.
2. Indiana Jones is a super rad ride.
3. Ladies walking around with dolls like they're their children is creepy. Don't ask.
4. I really don't care for churos.
5. Babies suck at Disney.
6. Disney in October is the best.
7. No matter how old, I will always love the princesses.
8. Disney parades make me tear up.
9. Your guide on the Jungle Cruise makes all the difference.
10. Shrug your shoulders at what you can't control and savor the moment.

I was home for like a day and now I'm off to a wedding. See you next week sometime.

Happy Friday. Do something FABULOUS!

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

I'm going to Disneyland!
See you next week.
It's Friday. Wear something FABULOUS!
P.S. YES, that would be a "character" sweatshirt that I will be wearing.;)
P.S.S. Road trip tunes? Why Toad the Wet Sprocket of course! (playing)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's HERE!

The new issue of Adore online magazine is ready to VIEW.
Get ready to take notes and be moved to a whole new decorating level.
Did you know you can order back issues of this mag. for only $4.95?
I adore this mag! I just wish I could get actual copies for my collection.
P.S. I really want the pink velvet couch. Can you find it?
P.S.S. My BFF (or so I wish) Kate Spade is featured.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Time...

So I've been creating accessories for my niece's wedding who is getting married in two weeks and today this pile of fabric happened to land on my floor.  

It's Time.  I've officially been inspired. It's time to start creating again.
Let's see what I come up with.
Maybe a give away?
Stay tuned!

Have you heard? HGTV is launching a new magazine.
Have you picked up your copy yet?

 THESE hooks just might be practically perfect in every way.
Especially for collecting all our swimming towels.

O-M-Gosh. THESE make me smile. Adorable!

It's Wednesday. That means it's almost Friday. That's something to make me smile.
What's making you smile today?

It's Family "TRADITION" Tuesday


Halloween is a big deal in our house!
What am I going to do when my kiddos no longer fit in THESE Halloween jammies?
That will be a tragic day in our home.

We made THESE sugar cookies. Halloween style of course.
I gotta be honest. I really don't enjoy the sugar cookie making process (especially with children at my side) but THESE are pretty tasty. BTW all the recipes on the blog are great! I totally recommend purchasing their cookbook.

Did a little Halloween chalkboard update.
Do you have a chalkboard in your home?
You should totally get one!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Hapenings

Would you look at that. Me. In the car. NO KIDS!
Got a moment of "I get to do whatever I want". It was beautiful.
Found THE BEST pink lipstick ever!
(Show Orchid by M.A.C.)

And what do you know...a little O.M.D.
No kids, hot pink lips, excellent music.
Do I have to go home?

It's Monday. Make it a great one!

P.S. October is here. YIPEE! My favorite month ever! 14 more days til my b-day.