Friday, December 27, 2013

Silly Is Fun

Was browsing on pinterest last night and came across this pic/saying.
I adore it. 
Here are a few of my silly ideas as of late:
1. use craft paper as a table cloth and give dinner guests crayons with dessert.
 (this was a big hit at my last dinner party)
2. have a fashion show where you create the fashions out of toilet paper.
3. hang a disco ball in your dining room.
5. deliver a whoopie cushion to a friend having a bad day (seriously did this last month).
6. take a silly face selfie and text it to a loved one.
7. dance. in public!
8. wear bright lipstick.
9. wear red and orange and pink together. don't forget the leopard shoes!
10. no matter how silly, do it anyway. it will make you happy!

2014 is closely approaching. I challenge you in the year to come to let lose and get a little silly.
 Life's too short to not have fun!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend At Our House

And the wrapping has begun!
I adore a beautifully wrapped package but...
I don't enjoy being the wrapper!
You know what I hate most about wrapping?
Disappearing scissors!
I will never understand how one second they can be in my hand and in the next...poof...gone!

Our dessert party with friends last night was a smashing success.
Mint brownies are my favorite!

All our stockings are hung (not by a chimney) with care.

 Friend treats (thank you pinterest) packaged and delivered with love.


shirt: target | skirt: anthro | tights: target | scarf: banana repuplic
shoes: nords rack
Let us not forget the Holiday fashion.
This outfit sure had people talking!
...because they thought I had a dead cat around my neck. :)
The hubs meowed at me all through church. Funny.

Christmas is pretty much here.
You ready?
It's Monday. Make it a great one!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tunes to Love

Music is huge part of my life. Especially this time of year.  I think these guys rock. I hope you do too.  Enjoy!

P.S. THIS is one of the most beautiful stories. I encourage you to take a peak. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

As Fancy As Pie...from Target

Lucy's dresses so cute- said the Lady at church.
Thank you-said me.
I wish I could afford to dress my daughter like her-said the Lady at church.
Do you shop at Target?-said me.
Yes-said the lady at church.
Then you can afford to dress your daughter like Lucy-said me.

Lucy is dressed head to toe in Target. Tights and all. Wait, I lied. Her shoes are from Payless. Oh and I found her headpiece for $6 in some junk store in LA.

And there you have it. Fashion doesn't have to cost millions! Thank you Target. I love you but at the same time I really hate your guts!

It's Monday. Enjoy it!

P.S. Apologies for the poor pic. quality. I was in a hurry.
P.S.S.  Anyone want a cinnamon roll? I've got about a dozen sitting on my counter. They're delish!:)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Taking time this weekend to...

1. plan some type of Holiday social gathering so that I will...
2. finish decorating for Christmas. (Keeping it simple this year. Dessert only.)
3. begin the wrappalooza fest. I refuse to be wrapping at midnight on Christmas Eve!
4. bake cinnamon rolls.
5. read Christmas stories to my kids by the tree.
6. watch a Christmas movie with the hubs. However, I will most likely fall asleep 1/2 way through;)
7. dance to Christmas tunes in my kitchen.
8. light my peppermint candle.
9. be thankful.
10. rest and enjoy.

This weekend may we all find time to not be too busy to do the things we enjoy most.
'Tis the Season!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift Giving

 I have truly been overwhelmed by all the "must-have" Christmas lists floating around in blog land. I'm not much into giving gifts just to give gifts. I've been invited to an ornament exhange and I have no desire to participate. And, I was the only one who party pooped on the Secret Santa idea at the dance studio where I teach. As rude as this may sound, I just don't need that kind of stuff cluttering my home and life. I know...ornrey! I think it may partly stem back to a roommate gift exhange I participated in when I was in college. The person who had my name gave me a six pack of Coke. I don't drink Soda. She knew that. I could have cared less that she only spent $2.99 on a $15 gift exhange. That wasn't the point. But, the fact that the gift, coming from a good friend mind you, was completely thoughtless. Call me ungrateful but yes, it bothered me. 

So, without further ado I present to you my...

Gifts with thoughtful purpose in mind.
(AKA my must-have Christmas list) 

1. The gift of time. My children will be getting 4 date coupons (mom/dad/family/friends) in their stockings for activities. 
Coupon 1: Date for roller skating with Dad.
Coupon 2: Date for manicures with Mom.
Coupon 3: Date to the Zoo with family.
Coupon 4: Date to the bounce house with friends

All of these coupons have been pre-purchased (thank you Groupon and Living Social) and have already been set on the calendar. If I don't plan it now we won't get to it. With the coupons they will be getting calendars so they know when the activity will happen. My kids really look forward to this stuff.

2. The gift of creativity.  My kids love to create. I have an extra space in my house filled with lots of useless crap. Over the next two weeks I will be going through it all and creating an art work room/homework space for my kids. I have purchased an art kit for each of them and a butt load of colorful paper. I can't wait to see what they come up with! I'm betting this will be one of their favorite gifts this year.

3. The gift of memories. I'm not a scrapbooker. In fact the majority of our memories are stuck on a memory card in my camera. However, this year I created the cutest little memory photo books for each of my kids using instagram pics. I can't wait to give them to them.
 Source here.

4. The gift of living healthy.  Living a healthy life is in my bones. I swear I'm not a freaky freak about it nor do I push it on my kids but, it's important to me that they understand the importance of the value of health. So, instead of video games (we still don't have any gaming systems in our home) our kids will be getting something that will keep them active and outside. They are all do up for scooter upgrades!

And there you have it. My "must-have" Christmas list.

Thanks for reading everyone. Enjoy your day!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mr. & Mrs.

And...I'm back.
Welcome December 9. Wowzers! Time flies when you're having fun I guess. My parents have been in town since Thanksgiving and we have had a loaded schedule of all sorts of activities during their stay. We ended the hurrah all fancy with a celebratory meal from KFC-sporks included of course. Thanks Dad!

Yesterday was family Christmas card photoshoot day. Walker style of course. Professional photographer (aka Grandpa), Cannon point and shoot, bribing of children, and rehearsed silly faces. The above shot perfectly describes Berks 3 yr old photo taking 'tude. What a twerp!

Other noteworthy stuff (or not)...

*The "Elf on the Shelf" tradition stresses me out. I woke at 4:45AM in a panic because I forgot to move him. Stupid elf!

*Lucy found her big gift from Santa. I'm so annoyed but, it was completely my fault. She told her Dad that she found it. She knew if she told me she found it I'd take it back. Now what?

*Where have I been Christmas shopping? Groupon & Living Social (seriously!) for events and activities. My kids don't need stuff. Creating memories with my kids is far more valuable than another dumb Lalaloopsy Doll.

*Speaking of unneeded stuff....ADORBS!

It's Monday. Make it a great one!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Glamour and Glitz

Introducing to you my seasonal obsession...

Black and Gold. 
Isn't it an absolutely fabulous combination?
Black-seductive and secretive.
Gold-shiny and luxurious.

 How do I do black and gold?
Black booties and gold sequins.
This week I encourage you to jump on the black and gold train with me.
Super chic!

 It's Monday my friends. Make it a great one!

P.S.  My weekend Black & Gold nail party.

P.S.S. Looking for black over-the-knee boots? THESE are cool!