Monday, March 31, 2014

Because It's OK To Be A Dreamer

If I lived in a world where money didn't matter then this would be my designer bag of choice.  It's my "IT" bag. It's my "dream come true" bag. It's my "solve all my problems" bag. (Just kidding about that last one, but wouldn't it be amazing if a handbag could solve all your problems? SUPER bag!) This is one designer item that I just might be willing to save my pennies for (a gently used one that is). Why? Because a Chanel will NEVER go out of style. Never.

Monday, March 24, 2014


What a waste of time letting another ruin our day, week, or perhaps even longer. 
Always choose happiness!


P.S. Am I nuts for wanting to take on this painting project for Berks room? Adorable!!

P.S.S. Was that a stupid question?;)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Because It's Friday!

1. Wild, Wild Love-Pitbull
2. Can't Stop Me-Afrojack & Shermonology
3. Turn the Night Up-Enrique Iglesias (HOT song!)
4. Alive-Krewella
5. Summer-Clavin Harris
6. Not a Bad Thing-J.T.
7. Happy-Pharrell Williams (You all better already have this one!)
8. Little Bit Of Everything-Keith Urban -Not a country fan, but this song is cute;)
9. All Of Me-John Legend
10. Pompeii-Bastille
11. Be Okay-Oh Honey

Have fun listening!

A few other (random) things...

Old men with pony tails, I'll never understand it.
They're back! I Love them!
Nope. Still haven't seen Frozen.! 
Have you smiled at someone today?
GREAT shirt for a cozy comfy day in leggings and need to cover your butt a bit.
New favorite snack as of late, fresh strawberries and Nutella.
Two things always in my bag: one and two

It's Friday! Yipee!
May you have a wonderful, joyful, relaxing, exciting, FABULOUS weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Life Is Lucky

 Dear Leprechauns,
Why did you start some crazy tradition visiting our house? I'm too tired to keep up with you. I'm thinking next year you should leave a letter telling the children you won't be able to visit again because you're moving to a far far away place. Deal?

Thanks for considering,
One tired Mom


And just like that I said I was back and then I vanished again to the happiest place on earth for a week during our spring break. I'm so tired I can't even see straight. How was the trip you ask? Lets just say I don't need to visit Mickey Mouse for a good 5 yrs!

Hope your Monday turns out to be extra LUCKY!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello...Are You There? With Some Hair Care!

Yep, still here.
Hanging out working on science projects, book reports, undone laundry, closet cleaning, and doing my best to try and raise three perfectly perfect children. You know, SUPER fun 'life' stuff. 

Lets move on already.

Do you CARE about your HAIR?

Duh, of course you do. You're a girl! 
A few things you may have wondered about but never tried...

*A brazillian blow out or keratin treatment for your hair-Do it! AMAZING!
Why? Completely brings your hair back to life. Soft, silky, shiny. Who doesn't want that? They show up on Groupon all the time. Try it! I don't have to use a flat iron for quite some time after a treatment.

*A professional grade hair blow dryer-TRUST, it makes a difference! Why? Because my hairdresser said so. ;)

*Wen hair care products-LOVE! Note #1: If you have fine hair you probably won't love. Note #2: I don't wash my hair everyday. You wouldn't want to use this product daily??

*Clip-In Hair Extensions-FUN and totally worth it. Way cheaper and so much more convenient than permanent ones. Why? Because at the end of the day you can take them out. Lots of my friends have permenant ones and like them, but complain about the the weight and you can't brush through your hair. I have a set of clip ins. They were $110 for a set of seven pieces. More than enough hair. However, my hairdresser swears by the halo. I don't have one yet, but saving my pennies in hopes to get one. It's pretty freakin' cool!

*Dry Bar-Ever heard of one? Read about one here. Gather your girlfriends and go. 99% of hairstyles out there on the street suck because most of us (aka me) can't blow dry our own hair. This treatment is seriously the PERFECT "me time" break. You will really enjoy it. Tip: Buy one on Groupon!

I'm absolutely no expert, but I like trying stuff. 
Are you a little more curious now?:)

p.s. lookie at my new nails.
clear gel with black gel stripes.