Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Princesses!
It's a new year and an excellent time and/or excuse to test out a new fashion for yourself.

Here are a few Princess Pookie Suggestions:

1-Wear make up! Now there's a new idea for some of us. :D

2-Burn all mom jeans! PLEASE...I beg you!

3-Dust off your "fancy" earrings and wear them this month.

4-Replace a pair of comfy frumpy shoes (ex. mules & crocs-no offense please. My closet contains more than one pair of crocs) with a pair of comfy, sassy tennies.

5-Go get a pedicure. Who cares if no one sees it...YOU do & that's most important.

6-This month wear something you have always wanted to but never dared to. I DARE you!

7-MOISTURIZE princesses! Test a new lotion scent. Lots of bargains at Bath and Body works right now.

8-Donate 5 things out of your closet and replace with one staple. Hint: BLACK!

9-If you have something hanging in your closet with the tag still on, take it back and buy a new bra in a color other than white or nude. Bras are a must have staple but color can make it a fun staple!

10-Let go, press on and move forward. It's a new year. Oh, and don't forget to smile.
This month you are only allowed to purchase the following:
a bra
toilet paper
okay fine...and a new pair of shoes!

Princes Pookie Fashion Spotlight
Here's a good one for ya...

My outfit I wore for New Year's Eve day activities.

Uh huh...I'm cool...I'm'n the hippy headband.

The hippy headband forhead perma wrinkle. The good news is, believe it or not, after 8 hours of wearage, I actually didn't end up with a headache. Just a few more creases to add to the ones I already have!

See ya Monday for more blogging fun and a Princess Pookie Blog make over!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now That's Proper Etiquette!

Hang'n with my home girls.
Shopping date to U.V. (University Village~my fav!) and a two hour dig through
Forever VVI=Totally broke

Monday, December 29, 2008

So Long Christmas

That's it? It's over? No more presents for Princess Pookie? Okay, really I'm over it. Done with the Christmas music, done with the fudge, done with the body that refuses to budge! (That would be my lazy self!) What's New? Hmm...

BEWARE Target shoppers! So my niece and I were at Target late Saturday night and noticed this little gem. I'm sure it's one of those "you had to be there" moments but we were laughing so hard. Wouldn't want my shopping cart to get pulled over by one of these babies! It appeared to have flashing lights and everything! Woo...scary! I'm pretty sure the dudes who drive these things graduate from Dorkversity too. Silly, silly, silly Target.'s a sneak peak at some of my Santa presents. By the way, I adore my prince Charming. He's the best! Yes, I have the right to brag about him every now again! And Yes, you have the right to gag at any given moment during this post. What can I say? I've trained him well. :D

If you look directly to the right at my profile picture you will notice a coveting mini kissing photo of me and these shoes. Yep, they showed up under the tree and I didn't even place them there myself. Let me tell ya, these are HOT HOT HOT and the pic. does no justice for these cuties! Now only if I had some place fancy to wear them. Want a pair of your own? Too bad, these are Princess Pookie exclusives! Don't you dare show up to one of my parties wearing these! Check out my flower beret. We got hats for each other. We think we're cool. I'm sure we're not but we don't care what anyone else thinks!:) What else did I get? Princess crown earrings, iTunes cards, a new grandma sweater. It's really not a grandma sweater my Prince Charming just likes to call it that. It's a Barefoot Dreams hoodie from PJ section at Nordy's and they are DREAMY~for real. My hubs hates them but, he bought it for me!

Lulu got hooked up with all kinds Cinderelly girly goodies. I'm pretty sure she's going to want to wear this to her Senior prom. I bought her a glass Cinderella ornament for her tree in her room. The other day I bumped the tree and it came crashing down. She still hasn't forgiven me. She's such a twerp!

The only two things my little man asked for were Geo Trax and a red iPod. Well, Geo Trax are for 2 yr. olds and iPods are for 12 yr. olds. We went with the Geo Trax and by the time it was all said and done, I'm sure we spent more money on the dumb Geo Trax set than we would have on an iPod. Go figure!

The A"BUM"inable Snowman. Clever my boys, clever!

May all of you have a fabulously WONDERFUL new year and may you too have a sexy little pair of shoes to wear on New Year's Eve. I'm sure I'll be wearing mine with my "grandma sweater" sitting in my living room. At the strike of midnight I toast to good health, good fashion and a killer New Year's sale!

P.S. January at my house tends to be reinvent, rearrange and dig out time so I think I'll dedicate my Jan. posts to that. Who has money to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories in January anyway?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Twas The Night Before Christmas

And All Through The House...

Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!

Love, Princess Pookie

Where In The World is Princess Pookie?

Over the river and through the woods to Princess Pookie's house we go. In case you were wondering, this is NOT normal in my part of the world!

Kels sharing his brotherly LOVE.

P.S. This weather is putting a damper on my shopping schedule!

You're Getting Something For Christmas!

First of all, I have to say even though I've had a blast reading your comments, I hate that I can't give everyone something for participating. Well, I guess I could but then I'd have to take back the pair of boots I just, I'll be keeping the boots!:)

#1: "Queen of Heart" Bracelet
Jenette said...
Ummm... I know this is silly but I want permanent hair-removal! (I just spent way too much time tweezing unwanted hair. I want it gone for good!) PS I love the music selection!
December 15, 2008 12:51 PM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: I'm with ya sista! And in more than one place! :D

#2: Totally Rad Music
Caroline said...
OHH dear I do have several bad gift stories. My husband while perfect in almost every other way is incapable of picking out a good gift. Its hard to say what the very worst one would be but if I had to choose I would say ....DRUM ROLL.... a Swifer Sweeper!!!! thats right ladies A SWIFER SWEEPER.So bad that years later i am laughing out loud writting this to you all. ps , this so so fun !!!!
December 16, 2008 10:15 PM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: A swiffer? You're kidding right? That is BAD! Please send your hubs to before next Thursday!

#3 Couture Head Wear
Anna said...
At Chick-fil-a they have this AMAZING chocolate chip peppermint shake. You are probably thinking ewe a shake from chick-fil-a but they are gooooooooood. Whenever I get one my mom doesn't want one because hello calories! She pretends to have just a sip of mine but next think I know it is gone.
December 17, 2008 5:18 AM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Chick-Fil-A shake?...nasty! But I know Anna's mom very well & this story is SO true! "No Thanks"...and then drinks the whole thing! Anna deserves the headband for putting up with her treat stealing Momma.

#4 Giggle LOVE Bracelet
Joee said...
lets think about this...I went to the U, my wedding revolved around red, and all my favorite outfits are red... I think I LOVE RED! My hubby likes green, but it takes a certain something to look good in green... p.s. we have a B going on at our house... If I didn't do the shopping I would get NOTHING! My hubby always claims that he has no time to shop, or think of gifts... cop-out!But, on the bright side, I do LOVE what I get myself every year!
December 18, 2008 9:45 AM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Joee deserves a little present for A) doing all the shopping and b) having a 1yr old who STILL doesn't sleep through the night! heart aches for you.

#5 The Mystery Box!
Michelle said...
My ideal Christmas morning would be- to have the kids sleep in, make a yummy breakfast and enjoy being together. My husband went back on the ship tonight and will not be home for Christmas. Just having him home would be ideal for us!
December 19, 2008 8:58 PM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Oh, nobody deserves to be without their Prince Charming on Christmas.

NOTE: If you are one of the above winning princesses please e-mail me your address to! Or, if you didn't win and need to vent a little, e-mail (I just made that up!)
Have a Very Merry Christmas Princesses!

P.S. From now until Jan. 5 I will not be posting consistently. I'll be enjoying my royal family. However, I'm sure now and again I'll have random this & that's to share so check back periodically if you'd like. And let us not forget to...Shop On!

It's FFFFF! (Fabulous Friends, Family & Fashion Friday)

I didn't eat this cake for dinner (above) but I did eat this cake for dinner (below).

Cake my son brought home from a birthday party. YES, I enjoyed it and YES I felt like crap when I finished.

Fabulous Friends: Today I met my BFF for lunch and she introduced me to a TASTY "light" lunch. While our kidos dipped the Mc D fries, we ate #7 from Taco Time. It consisted of chicken chili, a chicken taco and a drink. Full of taste and not full of fat. Try it! Every time we're not with each other and buy a new pretty, the first thing we do when we get home is take a photo and e-mail it to each other. Today we bought matching RED shoes....Fabulous!

Check out my new friend on ETSY. This was so much fun! I was her thousandth "heart" so she sent me an envelope stuffed full of fun goodies for FREE! I love a package. I love a FREE package even more. Go HERE -eventually-to see more of her fabulous designs & "heart" her. (She's "closed" for the Holidays.)

Fabulous Family: I did a Sugar Plum Fairy Party today and here is Lucy with one of the ballerinas. She had fun for about the first 45min. and then she wanted her mom. I know better than to invite my own daughter to a party I'm hosting!

Look at Lulu's fabulous new shoes. You can buy your little princess a pair HERE.

Kels and I had a photo shoot last night. He went all around the house taking photos for my blog. He's hoping I'll post all of them. Note: He took enough pics to fill up the whole memory card~months worth of blogging!

AND last but certainly not least...
Fabulous Fashion: Here are some fun things I've been peeking at this week.

Bow T from J Crew (HERE), Fabulous Boots to help you endure the frost. (HERE)

Cotton wrap top and funky pants from Athleta. LOVE this site. If you're a fitness fanatic Go HERE to enjoy yourself.
OMG (Oh My Gosh!) LOVE THESE new pretties from Nord's. Pink+Ruffles=Princess Pookie heaven.

Before I reveal Give Away #5, let's review. Tomorrow morning {12.20} is your last chance to leave your comments and enter yourself to win one of the quirky gifts featured below.

#1 "Queen of Heart" #2 Groovy Tunes

#3 Couture Head wear #4 "Giggle Love"

AND the grand finale please...

Give Away #5

The mystery box!

This box has been designed for you, its contents have been handpicked
It could be a big fat Nordy card & if you don't get it you might get ticked!:)

(Contents will be revealed at a later date~yep, I'm tricky!)

Any of the above silly gifts can be yours. Scroll down my blog, click on "fashion experts" and answer the daily posted question.

Final QUESTION: Describe your IDEAL Christmas morning.

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things...

Quick Flashback! These were on my wish list probably around the year 1991. DUCK shoes! These were super cool in the SLC hood. (Salt Lake City) Did you ever own a pair?

Now on to the important stuff...
Gift giving! Let's face it. EVERYONE likes to find a little surprise under the tree Christmas morning. I have decided that there are three types of gift giving when you're in a relationship and they are as follows:

A) Year after year you make an agreement with your significant other NOT exchange gifts this year. And year after year this eventually comes back to haunt you with either disappointment or bickering.

B) If there are gifts under the tree, you purchased them your self & wrote FROM: HIM on them.

C) If he did buy gifts, you're already practicing the "You shouldn't have" face and have already decided what you're going to exchange them for.

So...which category do you fall in to?

For me, and I think probably for most, it's not about the money spent (most times :D)but the thought put behind the gift. And it doesn't take a ton of thought. Just an itty bitty ounce usually does the trick. DUDES... if you'd clean the ear wax out of your ears every once in a while I can guarantee your wifey pooh makes subtle hints all year long about simple desires. So, read below for some Princess Pookie gift giving advice. BTW: My Prince Charming doesn't need this advice anymore. He gets it...finally!:) Love you babe!

Engraving~can be on just a simple $20 band. This will mean more than the $500 jewel you can't afford.

100 reasons why I love you list~my husband did this once...I treasure it! Tie it to a small gift that is significant to the list. Something like THIS would bring a tear to her eye.

Photographs~get in touch with your "pink" side and enlarge some of your favorite photos. Just make sure they are not of fishing, moose heads or a sporting event you've been to~duh!

Thoughtful jewelry such as THIS and tell her how "lucky" you are that she's yours.

Tickets to Events~And you arrange for the sitter!

Gift certificate to "Dinner's Ready"~ and you go prepare the meals!

House Cleaning Gift Certificate (NOT homemade coupon from you. The real thing dork!)~and set it up in advance for her. (Day after new years is a GREAT time!)

Gift card that is tied to a mini gift significant to the gift card. Ex. Tie a Target gift card to a Target recyclable bag or a NORDSTROM gift card to THIS. Clever eh??

Spice up practicals~if she's asking for a new vacuum, get her the pink one. Pink makes everything more fun. Red too!

There you have it gentleman. Now SHOP til you DROP! (I'm sure it won't take long.)

Christmas Gift No No's
*Home made coupon book~ Cop out! No one ever redeems them anyway!
*Clothing she hasn't specifically picked out~she WILL return it!
*Sexy underwear~save that one for the anniversary. It's the me, she's too tired
*Power tools~whatever dude, you're not fooling anyone!

Good Luck Prince Charmings...may the force be with you. Warning: If you wait until Christmas Eve to do the shopping, you're screwed!

P.S. Dudes...if you don't get the Christmas gift giving right, your Princess is going to buy you one of THESE pups. Just what you've always wanted.
Hand Made Christmas Give Away #4
{Thursday 12.18}

"Giggle LOVE" This is a one of a kind Princess Poookie wooden bangle. It's guaranteed to make you LIVE your life with lots of LOVE and LAUGHTER.

Question: Do you prefer Christmas RED or Grinch GREEN?

To find this little lovely in your mailbox answer the above question by clicking on "Fashion Experts" at the bottom of this post. Remember, you have until Saturday morning to leave your comments and get a chance win a rare Princess Pookie Hand made original. :)

For those of you who may be new to my give away thing, scroll down and read up on the give away fun.

Can someone tell me why the song "These are a few of my favorite things" considered a Chrsitmas song? I don't dig it!

Christmas Is Coming The Goose Is Getting Fat

Are you feeling like this yet?

Anybody having a case of the "fat & uglies? Here...let me help.

1. Wear black!

2. Put some make up on and dress a little fancier than you normally would to run those last minute Holiday errands.

3. Pick up THIS and THIS (I love how all the girls modeling these are 95 lbs.) They REALLY do work in case you were wondering.

4. Meet a girlfriend for lunch~order a broth soup and skip the soda but DO share dessert.

5. Use THIS? Do they really still make these? BTW: One of these makes for a hilarious white elephant gift. Search your local thrift store.

6. Buy THESE, THESE or THESE. Shoes make everything better!
7. Trade in the stretchy pants today for jeans


9. Park further away than you normally would. The fresh air and lengthier walk will do you good.

10. Think of someone else today. Here are some ideas: text a random love note to your prince, offer to watch your girlfriend's babes while she does last minute shopping, take a happy meal to your kido at school (Kels keeps begging me to do this!), deliver an unexpected Starbucks treat to a co-worker.

And...if none of the above work, buy yourself THIS. Hello? Diamonds fix everything...right?! However, you may NOT blame your buyer's remorse on me.

Assignment: Tonight before you rest your pretty head do 15 push ups at your bedside. It's a win win. You'll either laugh at yourself for almost having a cardiac arrest at #2 or be proud of yourself for completing the task.

Christmas Give Away #3

Princess Pookie Couture Headbands. {Bedazzled Bee or Bitty Birdie}

You may choose one of the above headbands. The little birdie is meant for small fries but I'd totally wear it! Wanted to give you the option just in case you don't favor the headband look. However, if you haven't tried on a headband since the 5th should give it a shot. You might like it!

A closer look! These have been such a joy to make. I adore them however, my mini princess (Lulu)...not so much! I'm in the process of making her a "Cinderella" one. She's much more excited about that one!'s your question.
Question: What is you favorite Christmas edible indulgent?

Click on "Fashion Experts" below to answer the question and enter yourself to win todays give away.
THIS is mine!~Ew...nasty. However, the variety of "flavors" is a bit amusing!

Join me tomorrow for "My Favorite Things". Princesses, if your Prince Charming needs some Holiday brain stimulation, refer him here if you like what you see!

P.S. HERE's a movie that seems to make the Holiday TV circuit. These movies are totally dumb but you must admit, they have their funny "mole"ments!