Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shoes Me {No. 1}

So I'm thinking I'm going to start a new weekly shoe feature on the blog. Maybe? 
Great. Let's give it a try. I'm calling it "Shoes Me" as in "choose me". 
Clever. Ya?
So here is todays pick.

 Wished you were somewhere where you could wear these today? 
Totally digging on the color combo. PATENT nude (I'm a sucker for all things patent) and metallic.
That's some serious cuteness.
And that's why shoes matter!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TT (Trendy Tuesday)


red and pink...together.
just in time for valentine's day.
do you dare?
me? i think it's a match made in fashion heaven.
ooh la la. 
p.s. i think orange and pink are pretty darn tasty too.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend At My House

dresss: anthro | sweater: old navy | tights: target | jewels: nords & forever 21

Darn. Fresh out of pot roast. Then pancakes it will be!

What else...
finally got a cut and color...hooray!!!!!
had to speak in church...blek
forecast, rain, rain,
 pulled out the trusty pink rain boots...cuties
 (I miss you pink rainboots)
wore fancy falsies ~eye lashes that is...ta da
(btw THESE are my favorites. half lashes are SO much easier to apply.) 
napped in my sweat pants...zzz
and that about sums it up...boring 

It's Monday.
Make it a GREAT one. 

check out the new rug.

dying over THESE 

Friday, January 25, 2013

FFF~Fitness Style

Hi Everyone!
Sorry for the late post. What can I say? Life is busy as usual. Anyway, this week I've made some new discoveries that I wanted to share so FFF will once again be fitness based. Hope you don't mind.

If you're still looking for a pair of work out shoes you may want to try a pair of cross fit shoes made by Reebok. They're pretty cool and you don't have to throw tires around and stand on your head like a real die-hard cross fitter to wear them. 
Note: Be sure not to mistake the cross fit version for THESE. :)

my next exciting discovery is the most awesomest thing Everrrrrrrr...

yes I said FREE
DJ mixes of super duper cool music that you can workout to. 
Or eat cookies to. Whatever you prefer.
Check it out HERE!
Or if you're a FB junkie check it out.HERE

Happy Friday.
Like I always say...
shop. eat cake. MOVE. and wear something fabulous.

P.S. If you download the music from the blog (click download button), once  you save and "extract" the files you can drag it straight to your itunes library. If you have questions email me! I'm a computer dummy and I was shocked I figured it out myself. It's really not that hard. Promise!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Dear Mr. Valentine,
You can just go right ahead and make my Holiday
of love turn golden. It's just one click away right here.
Mrs. Princess Pookie
P.S. The satchel will do. I don't need all that fluffy lingerie stuff.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend At My House


Our poor little moose head had a bit of a tumble over the weekend. 
After a tear or two we had a moment of silence in honor of him.
Thank you Mr. Moose for being THE MOST talked about decorator piece in the house. 
You will be missed by all.
thank goodness your creator has plenty more.

Prince Charming and I are off for a couple days of fun. 
By ourselves.
With no kids.

It's Monday. Make it a great one.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Have you moved today?
Start here.

It's Friday!
Shop. Eat cake. MOVE. And wear something fabulous.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Take A Seat

I spy with my little eye a room (sorta) coming together.

Here are a few other pics that have caught my eye.

 I love the color of that door.

 I'll take a large fry and a lemonade please.

 The Dressing Room~so cool!

 Just in case someone forgets their suit.:)

This wallpaper is fabulous.

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trendy Tuesday

Stripes. Stripes. And then there were more stripes.

All above stripes can be found HERE

It's January. 
The gym is a madhouse in January and everyone is happy and ready to giddy up. 
I love the excitement and the vibe. Too bad it never lasts. 
Come March classes are back to normal and the usual die hards are still the die hards.
Don't be a quitter. You can do it. Make a change. MOVE daily! It will change your life. 
Cross my heart and hope to die. 

My Three "Take Care of You" Suggestions:
1. If you drink soda, don't! What about diet you ask? Soda is soda is soda. Stop!
2. Move 6 days a week.
(At least 2 of those days need to include some type of weight resistance.)
3. Stop reading my blog at midnight and get your butt to bed. Says she who is composing this post at midnight.;)
 But mostly, lately this is what I feel like telling people...

 I'm sorry. Was that a little blunt?
Oh I would NEVER say that out loud. That would be rude.
But I would say it in my head while I listened to your excuses.

In case you were curious about my current workout routine.
Monday-Total Conditioning-interval type class w/weights
Tuesday-Cycle class
I hate cycle classes. HATE them. They challenge me like no other. But they're so good for me.
Wednesday-Teach Ballet Body Fusion
Thursday-Hot Yoga
Friday-Weight resistance workout (Barbell class usually or my own workout)
Saturday-Teach Total Conditioning 
Sunday-Take a nap
Side note: I'm lucky! I belong to an AWESOME gym
However, you don't need an awesome gym to get movin'. But I won't lie. It helps.

Do you DARE work out SIX days a week in stripes?
I do!

Friday, January 11, 2013


I want to be her!
This cute card came with a pair of stockings that I ordered. 
I so appreciate thoughtful packaging. 
Thank you Kate Spade for making me smile. Twice.

Happy Friday.
Shop. Eat cake. And wear some FABULOUS!

P.S. I wanted to order THESE too. Soooo cute!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Product Pick-Me-Ups

Welcome January!
Do you have a case of the January blahs? The Holidays are over, the social calendar is blank, and the house is empty because the tree went bye bye. I can relate. So let's beat those blahs by taking care of you. Here are a few of my product favorites to help you bring in the new year with a glow. 

Don't you think January would be the perfect time to take a tropical vacation? Agreed! But it's not happening at my house. Instead I'll be buying my tropical vacation in a tube. THIS is a great (fairly new) product that I think you'll really like. Go ahead, cover those pasty white arms and legs.

I posted THIS product as my January must have. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this facial illuminator.  It comes in a couple different shades. All are mucho fabulous but currently I'm using the color called Orgasm. My face is loving it!;)

Benefit has done it again. I am a BIG fan of Benefit products and THIS eye shadow kit is the cats meow! You're eyelids will be winking with the perfect natural glow.
I have not yet taken the plunge  to invest in THIS luxurious body oil ($$$) but some day I definitely will. Every time I hit a Sephora I have to give it a try. It's light smell and hint of shimmer is so fun for a little all over pick-me-up. Next time your in Sephora try it out!

 color: orgasm

color: super orgasm
(I swear I'm not making these names ups!)

THESE two blushes by NARS are fabulous. The end! Did I mention they are fabulous?

Now that the Holiday's are over I've stashed away my red hot red lips (for a couple days anyway) and I've really been enjoying THIS very neutral gloss.
By Sephora color 20 shiny perfect nude.

And lastly THIS nail polish called Bare To Be Different is a great Happy New Year color. It's actually not really a "color" at all, but sometimes a girl just needs a pretty polished natural color.

There you go. Check out your local Sephora for some fun 2013 product finds.
If you can splurge on one of the above listed pick-me-ups I HIGHLY recommend the NARS illuminator.

Tip: A touch of natural looking color and shimmer go a LONG way.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend At My House

 Did a little decorating.

Stared at the new dining room-that is sized for giants (it's ridiculously huge)
and frazzled my brain with what to do with it.
Conclusion...TBA aka Who knows!

Sneak peek of the kitchen before we moved in.
That island is 6ft x 6ft. You could tap dance on it. 
Not that I tried.:)

 After HOURS of furniture shopping sometimes one needs a little treat.
Note: I draw the line at ice cream!

 New couch!

In case you're curious.
House Facts:
Square feet: Too big! I'm not use to all this space.
Lot: 3/4 acre, A LOT of dirt and gazillions of $$$$ to landscape-sigh
4 garages that we can't park a car in because they're full of stuff. 
beds: 5
baths: 3
craft room or "crap" room according to Prince Charming
formal living room to collect dust
formal dining room for giants
lovely sitting room off master bedroom that will sit empty because we're WAY too poor to furnish
My favorite feature: his and her closets!

Next wishes are THESE bar stools and THIS rug. 
Darn it, I need a job!

It's Monday!
Make it a great one.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Personal Quote

well hello new year. look at you. all bright and shiny and well, new.
i love new. brand new to be more precise. 
may i continue to have the self discipline to keep my body "moving" daily.
may i find deliciousness in all things vegetable (slight gag here) for my daily "nourishment".
and may not a day go by without "belief" in myself.

MOVE: buy a road bike and be Prince Charming's new side kick. (truth...this scares the poop out of me!)
NOURISH: eat clean in 2013. BUT i will not give up red vines. never!
BELIEVE: further my education. i've always wanted to be a college professor. i can do this!

Bring it 2013! I DARE you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

From Our House to Yours....

It was a pretty quiet evening at our house. 
We dressed in "fancy crazy" outfits, decorated old birthday hats,
and topped the evening off with chocolate fondue. 
Bedtime for all was just after 10:00 PM.
Home, safe, and with each other. Perfect!
Someday Prince Charming and I will have an elegant
evening out on the town for New Years. Someday.

Here's a sneak peak at my "fancy crazy".

Here's to an AMAZING 2013!
Prince Charming's lucky number!