Sunday, November 30, 2008

Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Happy December everyone! Let the Holiday madness officially begin. Bring on the never ending lines, the parking in Timbuktu, the "I'm sorry...we're sold out", the late night gift wrapping, the cocktail parties where you don't know what to wear, the "Look how perfect my family is" Christmas cards with yearly "history" included:), the nasty crap fruitcake, the Ho Ho Ho's and bah hum bugs and last but certainly not least...the "Did I really just eat that WHOLE cheese ball myself?" Bring it on Princesses...bring it on!
What a fun-filled weekend it has been! Between Thanksgiving, the shopping bargains, my BFF's 30th birthday, and the unveiling of the Christmas decor ...quite frankly, this princess could use some extra beauty sleep .

Let Us Give Thanks
And the cook of the year award goes to...the big sis. She's a ROCK STAR kitchen diva. However, I think next year my hostess gift to her will be a new girly apron! See the jumbo jewels around her neckline? Yep, I made it for her for letting us come invade her Thanksgiving table. Thanks sis for yet another scrumptious T-day meal.

The purdy pink table (my sis loves pink too), fancy drink for us non-wine drinkers (I was in charge of drinks and dessert by the way) AND my favorite...the ROLLS!

Let us not forget family bonding around the piano. We do it for the chef. She slaved in the kitchen all day, the least we can do is sing a little tune of thanks for her. Actually, she won't let us eat until we do it~meany! Mee...meee...meee....meee....meee (I'm warming my vocal cords.)


Michael's craft store is an absolute genius. They opened their doors Thanksgiving night from 6:00-9:00pm and yes, we were there. The place was packed. It was hilarious. Didn't have my camera~darn it~but it was certainly a sight. I hosted Thanksgiving craft day. On the agenda: bracelets, necklaces and crazy headbands. We love Michael's for being open. Supplies= 70% off! Attention bargain shoppers! Princess Pookie thoughts: Hmmm....I'm pretty sure I'm braless and make up free in the above pic. Should I be proud that I'm ok posting this or embarrassed?

And our new "mad crafting skill"...

Soldering. Yep, we pretty much screwed the pooch on this one. Definitely more practice required! NOTE: When crafting with the above group of princesses, protective eye wear should be worn at all times. PEEPS aka BFF turns 30!
Peeps received a special invitation in the mail from "Princess Pookie" for a Princess Pookie make over. The day started with appetizers (my famous lemon bars~her favorite) and Jamba Juice. Then we traveled to the nail salon for french mani's. Next we hit Victoria Secret for an underoo's trying on marathon. (I'm pretty sure she tried on about 20 bras in 20 min. I was literally throwing bras and panties at her left and right. It was quite a scene!) Once finished we moved on to the Mac make up counter for a glamorous look with fake eyelashes included. Unfortunately we ran out of time & didn't get to hit the jeans department. I had to get her to her "SURPRISE" party that her Prince Charming planned all by himself (good job Tommy). Once the make up was applied we made a mad dash to the Nordy's restroom to get ourselves outfitted. FYI: it's difficult to apply liquid eyeliner in a public restroom when the princess in the stall next to you has the rooty toots! "Nice and steady" with an intermittent giggle makes for some pretty interesting eyeliner final results.


Princess Lauri gets "Pookiefied"

Look, she's even starting to pull silly poses like me.
LOVE YOU PEEPS! Hope you had an excellent day!

Alright...who's next on the list for a Princess Pookie make over?

Weekend shopping hmms????....a mini Asian man aimlessly pushing a Sears shopping cart around Nordstrom, Granny's wearing matching FUGLY Christmas sweaters (actually they were pretty cute!~the Grannys not the sweaters!) and a MAN, totally being a MAN dressed in a floral dress, hose and flats following what appeared to be his wife in Michael's? Not making any of this up. I swear on a stack of diamond rings!

See you tomorrow for another super Trendy Tuesday!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Here's my FFF...

Let's kick off the Holiday's with a pair of sweats. Put on some sweats and sit and do nothing today OR take advantage of the opportunity to be able to match the rest of us totally insane shoppers and go out and shop in your sweats. Hooray for the invention of the stretchy pants. Especially during the Holiday's when I eat like crap and then eat like crap some more...& more & more.

However...Can we please stick with this style of sweats (pic right) and NOT this style of sweats (pic below)? Let's at least be fashionably frumpy not "just walked out of 6th grade P.E. class" frumpy!

See Ya'll at
the MALL!
I'll be the one wearing sweatpants.

Tune in on Monday for all my Black Friday Finds! Wait, I forgot...I HATE shopping on black Friday. Will I go anyway? Hmm...Probably. People are already lining up for the deals-freaks! No "free trial size eye cream with every purchase before 11AM" is worth camping out for. And don't get me started with the stupid gimmicky coupons-give me a break! Good luck out there princesses. You'll need it. And no fighting over parking spaces...I mean it!:)

I'm pretty sure I've been nice enough thus far to get Santa to pick me up THIS "Her Majesty" lounge wear number~ So Cute!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Princess Pookie gives THANKS for...
1. designer shoes
2. fake eyelashes
3. valet parking
4. on-line shopping
5. Spa Nordstrom

Okay really...
1. My royal family, especially My Prince Charming
2. My health
3. Food to eat & roof over my head
4. Memories
5. My sister's cooking!
Oh ya...and lets not forget leftovers!

If I was cooking, the bird would look like this BUT you could call me Betty in this apron!
Enjoy the day Princesses. If you're doing the cooking today, you certainly deserve a new accessory. How about THIS one?:)
Thanksgiving chuckles: If you enjoy Adam Sandler HERE!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please Pass the Butter

Have you ever been trying on a ring at the jewelry counter and find yourself saying in your head "Oh crap...I can't get it off! " And then what automatically comes next? You lower your hands to belly level, nonchalantly turn slightly away from the counter in hopes that no one is witnessing this fiasco, and then comes the hold-your-breath-please-oh-please-come-off grunting tug. Ever happened to you? So funny yet so embarrassing! When this happens isn't it so much better when you're with your shopping buddy verses being alone! Oh well, I guess it's an excuse to buy a new ring. Let's just hope it wasn't the one at the Tiffany's! Check out these!

Oh so pretty!
If you have a funny "stuck on" jewelry story please share! It happens the best of us...right?!:)
Which cocktail ring am I eyeing this season? THIS one. I'll be extra good Santa!
Homework: This weekend go out and buy yourself a pretty little cocktail ring. Actually I'm more fond of HUGE cocktail rings. The bigger the better baby!
NOTE: Princess Cindy says that suncreen is a great jewelry remover to use on vacation while trying on rings in the duty free shop! Thanks for the tip Cindy!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

It's A Pocahontas Princess

This weeks trend is totally out there and crazy fashion fun my princess friends. The head wrap! The first place I spotted one of these beauts was in line at the grocery store on Nicole Richie's head in a fashion magazine. The second I saw it I said to myself, " really need to try one of these out". So after many long days of strolling down the mall corridors and eating samples of orange chicken bites on a toothpick in the food court, I finally found an affordable match last weekend.

Where can you get one of these groovy bands for your own head? I got mine at Wet Seal~ $8.00 (along with another accessory for 1/2 price-I chose my gigantic black flower featured in my post from yesterday) or you can go HERE. Combine with a sexy pair of moccasins and the Obipookawa tribe (totally just made that up) will take you on a canoe ride. Papoose optional!

The Head wrap TEST try...Thanksgiving day is the PERFECT time to test one of these little babies out. When you show up to dinner and your annoying Aunt Thelma and crazy cousin Jim Bob start to make fun of you, you can tell them you dressed up for the day to honor the Indians. Either that or if it was me, I'd throw a dinner roll at them and say, "You're just a jealous fashion fakey wearing chick who sports mom jeans and white socks!" (Totally kidding, that was rude. But I would and DO sass right back to my jealous family members!)

Next on Princess Pookie's Head Gear List? I'm thinking I totally need THIS head wrap! You think I'm kidding don't you? I'm not! Those of you out there who clicked on that last link & know me are totally laughing right now and saying "Yep, that's Jo Dee for ya!" Right??

I rediscovered THIS cool beans website last night. Not only is it fabio stuff but it's called Lulu! They offer cutie head wraps as well! AND all these...

May you find PEACE as you shop for this weeks Trendy Tuesday find. Peace out princesses!

P.S. THIS long sleeved T is perfect to wear underneath any funky shorty sleeved T! COZY!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Welcome to the land of "Please Mommy please?!" I broke down this weekend princesses. After dragging my son all over the mall on Saturday night, I let him drag me into the world of Build a Bear. Between the guilt of an exhausted 6 yr old and the promise of "but mom I'll help pay with the money in my piggy bank and clean my room everyday", he sucked me in. And well...we ended up with a turkey that really gobbles. And his name...drum roll please..."Gobble". Original eh? A turkey? It's called Build a BEAR not build a stupid stuffed creature for every possible occasion known to man and have 50 thousand outfits, shoes, accessories, etc. to spend even more money on. (However, I must admit the girly shoes are pretty cute.) So here is the newest member of our stuffed animal collection~ Gobble. Did I mention I hate stuffed animals?

Making a wish. We wished for no one to go hungry on Thanksgiving.

Giving a bath.
Naming the stuffed turkey (what an ordeal!)

Welcome home Gobble. In about 3 days it's off the the dust collecting pile for you. Sorry dude, it's rough in the world of toys.

What Else?
We also went out for a special dinner. Kels could have cared less about where we ate but I really wanted to go here thinking it might be a special experience for the two of us. Who am I kidding? McDonald's would have been faster, cheaper, and certainly more enjoyable for Kels. As parents why do we waste so much time exposing our children to the finer things in life? "Finer" to a 6yr old means spaghetti dinner instead of PBJ!

We are professional chopstick users in our family. Classy! Hey, I could have stuck them up my nose. Then I would have been an extra cool mom!
And for the grand finale'...

The "Ring of "Fire" (By the way...we ate at SAKURA. They cook the food at your table.)

Lulu came up with a new fashion fad this weekend. The waistband. How do you achieve this look? Get yourself a 19 in. waist and adorn it with as many headbands as will fit. Stylish!

Princess Pookie's Featured Weekend Outfit

In the mood for some ASIAN flare? My Komono-ish dress/shirt thingy. How's that for a description? Leggings, turquoise Seychelle wedge shoes and my GIGANTIC flower. How's that for a statement?
Love these SHOES! Colorful & Comfy.
I told you it was Gigantic! Wet Seal $5.00~it's a detachable pin. Crazy fun flowers. Gotta get yourself one!

Topped it off with THREE crazy bangles.

How can you take dazzling to BEDAZZLING? Accessories my princesses...ACCESSORIES! And a great pair of shoes doesn't hurt either! TAKE NOTE: To all you princesses out there who think you're too old for teeny bopper stores like Wet Seal and Forever 21, make it a pit stop anyway. They have super affordable trendy cool accessories for all ages! If you're really that uncomfortable, tell them you're shopping for your daughter. They don't need to know you only have sons!:)

FYI: Thanksgiving is in 3 days? Have you made your pumpkin pies? Thank goodness for Marie Calendars. Did you know that I don't like pumpkin pie? Yep, crazy. Who doesn't like pumpkin pie? I'd rather eat another home-made roll than a piece of pie.

See ya tomorrow for another TRENDY TUESDAY!