Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reality Bites

Party Like a WALKER Rockstar!
Toasting with the FREE ice water at the pool. The pool server babe loved us~big spenders I tell ya!

Our 10 reasons to visit Vegas:
1. Sun
2. Sun
3. Shopping
4. Sun
5. Stripburger chocolate fudge milkshake
6. Sun
7. Sleeping in
8. Sun
9. Time together with no kidos (Thanks Mom!)
10. And...the sun

SHOPPING! Caught a spiffy runway show at Fashion Show mall. Funny...the stage was much more impressive than the clothes modeled. It came out of the floor~neato!

Hmm...which show should we see? "Jubilee" or Donny & Marie? How about NEITHER!! However, we did end up seeing Ka-a Cirque du Soleil show and Wayne Brady. That Donny & Marie sign was on the side of a hotel. Glad my room wasn't located in Donny's right nostril!

This was cool. Palazzo Hotel.

Due to high winds we missed one of our Vegas favorites. Belagio fountain~guess we'll just have to go back soon!

FANCY SMANCY! We stayed at the Trump Towers and it was absolutely perfect. 5 star hotel...can't beat it. Check it out- A TV in the mirror in the bathroom. I want one!

Trust me when I say I could have taken a gazillion more "interesting" pictures but when I'm on vacation I don't like to carry much. So...the camera spent most of it's time in the room. Oh wait, maybe that was us.:D


I think it's safe to say my prince was more than surprised (the surprise had a minor glitch Wednesday night when I came home and caught him trying to book a weekend get away for us on Expedia-ugh!) and he had a well deserved relaxing, fabulous time. Love you FOREVER my prince charming. Here's to many more "blissful" years together! (Note: I use the term "blissful" because that's the word my hubs always uses when describing our marriage. Is he being sarcastic?? Should I be worried?:D)

Conclusion: Book your get away now. Or at least start saving. You won't regret it!

P.S I came home with a nice "real" tan! Real is sooooo much better than fake! Wouldn't you agree?
The song that is playing was blasting outside where we walked every day so we heard it a trillion times. Great song but I've had my fill thanks! (Bruises by Chairlift)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome To VEGAS Baby!


I will be out of the office March 26-March 31. We're going to VEGAS. But...shhh it's a surprise. My hubs has no idea. Hence the late post today. (not that he's going to be checking my blog between the hours of 7am and noon but....keepin' it safe!) I've had to keep the secret now for about a month and a half and I'm more than ready for the reveal! Keeping a surprise like this is a lot of work~if you only knew the work~lying, cheating & even stealing!! I'm picking him up from work like we're going on a "lunch" date. Our lunch date just happens to be at the Seattle airport. Oh, did I mention that our 12 year wedding anniversary is today? 12 blissful years! I'm pretty sure I'm not old enough to have been married for that long. We actually spent our homeymoon in Vegas. We love Vegas which is ironic because we don't gamble or drink BUT the sun, shopping & friends are fabulous! See ya when I get back!

p.s. I won't be posting about our get away because remember...What happens is Vegas stays in Vegas! Oh, and the song that is playing is "our" song. My hubs changes the words & sings "Breakfast at Jo Dee's"~he's my cutie pie!

p.s.s. Congrats Heather! You won the bracelet. Thanks everyone for participating!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Spring Cosmetic Line Up

What's Your Face Having For Breakfast?

First, let me be frank. My cosmetic knowledge is fairly non-existent. Forever my cosmetic box consisted of a few MAC products~which I do still favor, mascara and Burt's chapstick. It wasn't until my cosmetic obsessed niece came along that I ventured into an outside-my-make up-box frenzy. That and an introduction to Sephora-a terrible addiction and now one of my top three favorite stores!

Call me the cosmetic snob. I do not buy make up at my local Target (except for mascara). I don't have the knowledge, patience or funds to wander the isles and pretend like I know what I'm doing. Also, I'm a TRY ON gal. Therefore, I prefer department store stuff for three reasons.

1) There's someone there who can help and answer questions.
(except if you're shopping at Macy's at South Hill Mall~hate that store!)
2) I can try a sampling to see if I love it.
3) I can return it if I get home and discover I hate it after all.

For the most part I like to keep it pretty natural looking but, occasionally I have to admit I love to throw on something sassy. I have a bright turquoise colored shadow that is so much fun & not too long ago I picked up a ridiculously bright hot pink lipstick~Ooh la la! Anyway...below you will find some of my favorite pretties for the spring. I have tested all these products and now they are part of my regimen. I promise...all of them are really great products.

I featured this stuff a while back. Now that I have been using it a while I think it's awesome. It's just the right amount of color for the face. I mix a little with my moisturizer in the morning and HELLO! sunshine...Did you just get back from Cancun? For a touch of fake sunrays for your ghostly face click HERE. {talk to the tan $26}

My sister introduced me to THIS eye palette and it's PERFECT! It comes with everything you need. Concealer, 2 shadows, eyeliner & all the brushes. It's the perfect LOW MAINTENANCE natural splash of beauty for the eyes. Mine has lasted a good year now. {Big Beautiful Eyes $32}
**If you were choosing 1 practical thing, buy this.

If nothing else, THIS under eye booster is the one thing I generally don't leave the house without. Dark circles are my friend. Oh wait...my enemy! Maybe if I'd quit blogging at 2am I wouldn't have to use this stuff! It's not meant to replace your concealer but worn over top (or not if you're not a concealer girl) It brightens the under eye area. {Ooh La Lift $22~when I started buying this is was $16...dang economy!}

TARTE~THIS I just added to my bag about 2 weeks ago. I REALLY like it and it's gonna last me FOREVER. The only way I know how to describe is...CUTE!
**If you were choosing one fun thing, choose this.

My friend Deb (Hi Deb...you rock star kickboxer...go kick some butt on Thurs.!) introduced me to THIS delightful gloss~lipglass from MAC. It's a fabulous color- Soft pinky peach with an icy touch to it. The shade is call "Prr" and it's absolutely Prrrrfect! {$14}

And if you have 10 extra minutes for yourself apply a pair of THESE. If you could do yourself a girly favor, go to the MAC make up counter and have one of the artists put fakey's on you. A mere $12 will make you feel like a princess. YOU WILL LOVE THEM. I wear MAC #20's. They just go on the outside 1/2 of the lid. I have tried a handful of other MAC lashes as well and have loved them all. I owe this tip to my friend Lara~THE lash expert~ Perfectly applied EVERY time!:)

AND for the grand finale...

I was in desperate need of a new razor so I picked up this pink Cadillac over the weekend. Just opened it yesterday. It was pricey but I must say worth EVERY penny! It smells divine and it's PINK! Can't go wrong with that combo.

Hope this post was helpful to at least one person out there. All the products featured can be purchased at sephora.com. Be careful...it's addicting!

P.S. Tomorrow's post will show up around the lunch hour. You'll understand why tomorrow!

P.S.S IF there are a lot of typos in this...sorry...it's late and this princess is exhausted!

HAPPY SPRING Princesses!

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Please say it isn't so!

You're kidding right?! The jumpsuit...really? Just hearing the word makes me want to run for my life. I was at a gathering the other night and "jumpsuits" came up~Ick...puke...FUGLY! I'm pretty sure I had a couple of these during my elementary school days. In fact , I'm recalling a purple corduroy knickerish one sewn by my one and only Mother. (Yes, I grew up with hand made clothing. Bet you can't wait for me to post a prom pic!) Boy did I HATE that thing! I'm certain my bff had a black floral one that I always wanted to borrow too. Did you ever use to trade clothes with your BFF's? In elementary school...fun. In college....annoying! Get This: I had a roommate who onced "borrowed" a pair of my underwear (w/o permission mind you) because she was "out". Honey...you can keep em! Nasty!

Living at risk is JUMPING off the cliff & building your wings on the way down. ~Ray Bradbury

Well bye-bye are days of the khaki safari looking or the cockpit uniform jumpsuits and HELLO jumpsuit city poshness. Stella McCartney's jumpsuits~too PJish! Where's the matching blankie?

Urban Outfitters~You're getting warmer.

Whoops! Ice cold again.

Oh...hmm...thinking....classy, basic, black, almost....um...no thanks still!

Do jumpsuits make you wanna JUMP?

Ya, off a bridge so I don't ever have to wear a jumpsuit again!:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mrs. Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Weekend fashion don't...
(okay so I caught this Thurs. night)
AND I rest my case. Tanks + bras = nasty tackiness!
A. It's showing!
B. It's twisted!
C. It's a showing, twisted, dirty bra!

GNO Time!

The dueling piano bar. Good Times! However, they never played any of our song "requests". Can I get a refund? (you had to "tip" to put in a request.) Thanks for dancing with me Sarah. Pam & Justine...beware of bouncers with BIG hair!

And then there were none!
If I could freeze my son I'd do it right now. He's perfectly, innocently sweet with two missing front teeth. It doesn't get any more adorable than this in my book. LOVE him tons!

HELLO spring GREEN~Target clearance rack-$11!
Love the bitty navy & white bow.

My Lulu has all of a sudden decided that T-shirts are "dresses".

Look at my new weekend gadget. PINK! It's super duper cool but I have no idea how to use it. If you call me I don't even know how to answer the dumb thing. Before this I had been totally living in the dark ages. THIS is what I use to talk on. I had a friend in high school who had one of these dinosaurs.

AND the icing on the cupcake...
found the perfect boyfriend jeans this weekend. Tried THESE on & they are darling!
NOTE: Mrs. Princess Pookie will be adding lots more stuff to her etsy shop in the next couple days. Remember, window shopping is free! :D Also, if you haven't entered in the bracelet give away you can do so by scrolling to the post after this one and leave a comment. THANKS!

It's Monday! Make it a good one!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drum Roll Please

Introducing to you...

My new project.

{click pic above to view my hand made goods!}

Extra Extra...read all about it.

Mrs. Princess Pookie makes her debut on Esty! With countless hours of photo editing, ridiculous item description writing and cat fights with her "about ready to die" computer, she has finally become Etsified.

So, there you have it. My BIG secret is out. I did it~with much encouragement from my princess girly friends mind you. What started out as a "I'm in need of a creative outlet" about a year ago has now turned in to an "I can't sleep tonight" obsession. Oh yes, and lets not forget the hub threats..."You cannot bring another bead into this house until you get rid of 5 of your creations". I have to say I can't blame him. There were times when we went days, maybe weeks without seeing the top of our kitchen table~love you hon! Yes, my goods are crazy, quirky and downright different but hey...that's my style! To honor this day of accomplishment (yes this is a HUGE accomplishment for me) I would like to give away a Mrs. Princess Pookie original "made with love" bracelet with one of my very most favorite sayings:
She will live with delight.
Adorned with a mini shoe charm. How delightful!
All you have to do is go check out my shop-or pretend you checked out my shop:D- and leave a little comment back here on my blog. (Click on "fashion experts" at bottom of post to leave comment.) AND, If you like what you see, I'll consider you my BFF if you pass my shop info. on to your BFF's! Winner randomly chosen and will be announced March 25.
Thanks a gazillion for looking!
In all seriousness dudettes, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
And remember, I will mail this little gem anywhere across the U.S. However, if you live in China you're SOL!:)
Have a most "delightful" weekend princesses.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Busyness (is that a word?) today. I found myself needing to be in three places at one time today. Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) there are not 3 of me and unfortunately the "mommy duties" had to overtake what I REALLY wanted to do. (Missed you peeps!) Anywho...
So princesses, not much to blog about today because I've been working what seems like endless hours on a little project these last couple days. Want to know what I've been doing? Nope, not gonna tell ya. You'll just have to check back tomorrow. And if you're LUCKY you might just win my give away.:) (Okay, I'm getting bored of the "lucky" thing~ sorry.)
BUTT... here is a little "no she din't"

Woopsie Daisy! At least SHE spared us the thong, thong, thong, thong, thong!
"No you din't"~I'm such a BUTT for taking this pic.

I had to go renew my D.L today-only 5 mo. expired-not too bad?! I mean really, where do they find these employees? First of all when I pulled up I felt as if I needed to be escorted by a police officer. It was an itty bit scary to say the least. Once inside I felt like I just walked onto a creepy movie set. For real...it was VERY strange! Oh what a joy it is waiting for employee #1 (8 stations to serve you and ONE employee. This I will NEVER understand) to call your number. Thank goodness I didn't have to wait until the end of eternity but employee #1, "Bryce", You're a real gem! (much sarcasm there if you were wondering.) I parked next to a mini van that looked like THIS. Who does this? (I wanted to take my own pic but the owner came out & I got too scared. I would like to live long enough to at least hit the next Nord sale!) And, Funny thing...it was next door to a soup kitchen if you will and there was a lady standing in line with a Louis Vuitton bag similar to THIS. The freakin' thing better have been a fakey or there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with our society. I can't afford Mac-n-cheese but I have a pretty handbag! Ironic I tell ya.

Please check back tomorrow for the unveiling of my BIG project. I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous. Keep on keepin on!
P.S. Is it just me or do you think the American Idol "group" numbers are cheesy too?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Is Being Lucky Anyway?

I am LUCKY because....
I have a family who loves me~most days that is.
I get to make choices.
I am able to serve others.
I am healthy.
my hubs takes out the garbage.
I can read.
I can walk.
I can taste, smell, touch, see & hear (however, sometimes the magic "mute" would be nice)
I know me.
I can dance.
I can pretend to sing.
I have a DVR...I HATE commercials!
mini things (as in size) make me smile. So cute!
I know that going to church regularly is important.
I know God lives.
I know I have purpose.
my kids say thank you.
I realize that no one needs that many pairs of shoes~but they were on sale!
my parents raised me to be honest.
I live near Nords (had to throw that one in!)
my very part-time job is rewarding.
I understand that small things can make a big difference.
I married my Prince Charming~love you forever!
I know that tomorrow is a new day.
I've been to Disney Land. The happiest place on earth mind you.
my friends care.
I don't have a Range Rover car payment.:D
I am breathing today~We'll see what tomorrow brings!
I am ME

Why are you LUCKY?
May you take a small quiet moment today to realize how lucky you really are. If you would like to share, click on "fashion experts" below to let us know how lucky you are. Please share...it's good for the weary soul! Thanks for reading today!

P.S. Did Mr. Leprechaun turn your milk green too? I have to admit, even though it tastes the same, there's something very wrong about drinking green milk!

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

It's not easy being GREEN!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Are you wearing your green?

According to the "fashion experts" in the "fashion world" (whoever they are!) GREEN is a HUGE trend for the '09 spring season. If you've been out and about at all you've certainly picked up on this funky fun color. I am in love with it!~ The right shade that is.

This St. Patty's meal looks fun...CHEF?!

I think this pic. may have inspired me to whip up some shamrock sugar cookies...I think?!:D

LUCKY Lulu is getting this shirt and these shoes. (Gap was having a sale...how could I resist?)

AND...LUCKY Kels is getting this shirt and new crocs.

Are you getting lucky this year?
I'll let you interpret that as you wish;)
I want to find THIS at the end of my rainbow. Thanks Mr. Leprechaun!
Hope you all have a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" kind of day. Enjoy!