Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm inspired. You?
I always pretend in my head that I'm going to host the perfect Martha Stewart 4th of July party. And then I secretly wish I get invited somewhere else so I don't have to do all the work. So, thanks friends and family for doing all the work. Someday I'll pay you back with parchment wrapped french fries, the perfectly seasoned brisket and lemonade that will make you keep coming back for more.
Happy Fireworks Day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Killing Time at the Drug Store

After a healthy dinner at Wendy's my niece and I (and kids in tow-good times) made a stop at Walgreens. Or maybe Rite Aid. Actually it could have been Bartells?? Anyway, after searching the nail polish section and having a lenghty discussion about CRACKLE NAIL POLISH we found these pretty fakies.

Speaking of fakies....

So my friend does eyelash extensions and after speaking with her she recommends the eyelash in a box over extensions. Conclusion: Although extensions are AMAZING, they are costly, extremely high maintenance, and in her opinion not worth the trouble. Just FYI!

Could be fun. Yes? I'll let you know.

And then we couldn't help but laugh at these. At .59 cents each who wouldn't want a pair? Candy machine style pantyhose. Wait, these are actually cheaper than the toys you get out of one of those machines. Awesome. I'll take a pair in suntan with a pair of THESE. Darling!

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

THESE shoes are hot! Seriously hot!
Do you DARE wear leopard-print?
If should.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday) For Home...again!

But first...

There they go again. They eat the good stuff and feed me the garbage.
Dear glorious Mother Nature above,
Thank you for the sunshine TWO days in a row!
I'll be your BFF if you make it three.

It's getting there.
Wouldn't black shutters be so cute on either side of that big window above the door?

I hate the front door but,  it is what it is. The paint job will have to do.
 THIS is more what I want.   

 Outdoor dining in our forest. No need to fret. The bears only come out at night. And they prefer the children anyway.;)

It would be lovely if Butler would serve me tea out on my veranda in the AM.
Would you like to join?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Outdoor Dining....Ribilicious!

My parents feed me the bones.
(We had ribs last night. Hey, the bone was an excellent babysitter!)

An outdoor party would not be complete without one of these.

Yes, I am obsessed with drink jars. I heart them!
Click HERE to purchase one for yourself.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Do you DARE?
I could write a 10 page essay on why I hate these but I'll spare you in case you DARE.
Did you know that today was my Son's last day of school? Yes, June 21 was the last day of school. Lame!
P.S. I would totally dare wear THIS on the 4th of July!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday) For Home

It's crazy. It's colorful. It's quirky with a little silly on the side.
Welcome to my home...that is almost finished.
Waiting for my red front door.
Stay tuned!

It's FRIDAY! Be fashionable!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mommy Saga

Dear Children,

I am sorry for being a little grouchy the other day. Okay, maybe a lot grouchy. I have to admit, the chocolate milk spill first thing in the morning was not the best way to jump start the day. Kels I'm sorry you were late for school, again, but I have no control over your brother's pooping schedule. What can I say, for some reason he thinks he needs to poop at precisely 8:45 AM. Also, I may or may not have vacuumed up a few of your legos. Lucy, I seriously appreciate your keen sense for fashion but, changing your outfit 8 times a day is a bit much. And guys,  if the shoes can't make it into the shoe basket I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to call Santa Claus.

Love you forever,
P.S. I promise I will do my best to "ungrouch" myself. Just a quick thought though. Picking up dropped goldfish crackers before they get stepped on could help this process.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Oh it's gonna be a GREAT day!

BTW word on the street is if you pack pizza goldfish in your lunch then you're on your way to super stardom. Kels had me pack an extra bag for his lunch today. I guess these babies have some serious bartering power! Good to know, right?

made a stop at Sephora yesterday.
I featured THIS as my May "must have". You really should try it! Really!
THIS is lovely. Absolutely lovely. And with a name like Twirl you certainly can't go wrong.

And THIS is awfully fun! Poof a little on your cleavage and sha zam!

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

She's just kidding right?
If you're dying (I wouldn't even be caught dead in these) to have a pair for yourself,
click HERE. But, I'll warn you now. If I see you wearing them I will point and laugh at you and tell you they make you look fat!
Do you DARE?
P.S. THESE ones are a "top pick". They have to be just kidding.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Another dance recital~one more to go!
(That's Lu in her tutu and Kels pretending to be a rock star.)

 Smoothie Mustaches

Another project brewing. Ew! I'm so over projects.

A little something to bring sunshine to my day.
P.S. Prince Charming we can pretend like you surprised me with these. I won't tell.;)

A fun home accessory find.

My oh my it's Monday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

I want THIS.
It's a teeth whitening system. Fancy!
Someone wanna pick one up for me?
WHITE teeth. Now that's fashionable!
Choose to be fashionable this Friday!

P.S. Ta Da!
Yes we're getting a new front door!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dr. Seuss Invasion

Before AND After
This is a little random but I came across these pics last night.

This is how my children's bathroom looked when we moved in. Yes, that would be a shower curtain acting as a privacy curtain to cover the 5ft. window (a Peeping Tom's dream) in the shower. Who puts a window like that in a shower? That's just asking for a 911 call! This bathroom totally creeped me out and unfortunately it wasn't in the budget to remodel prior to move in. Can we say "shower shoes"? 

And then finally it came.

Bead board

Fresh white subway tile and octagonal floor tile.
(sorry you can't see those features here but I love the floor! It's like THIS.)

With a touch of red scallops and Seusical flair.

"In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!" — Dr. Seuss

P.S. It's 10:08 pm and the painters are still outside working on my house.'s really dark outside. Maybe you should call it a night!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Flowers

This is about as green as my thumbs get.
Picked up these containers at my local Marshalls.
Aren't they cute?
House gets painted today. Can't wait!

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare? Party Style!

My niece sent THIS blog link to me the other day to view. Once I checked it out I knew I had to share!
Warning: Be prepared to waste at least 30 min. on this site. It has some killer cute ideas!

Here's a sneak peak.

Don't you just love talented people who share their ideas for FREE!

Creative party planning...Do you dare?