Monday, June 21, 2010

Peace Out Rain

Takin' a quickie to CALIFORNIA with my sis. See ya Thursday! I'll be sure to say hello to Brad and Angelina for us all. Ooh, maybe I'll run into my boyfriend~Bradley Cooper. :D
Hi Coops!
P.S. Download This: California Gurls-Katie Perry
It's fun to sing along to with your hairbrush!

What's Summer?

You're freakin' kidding me!
Mother Nature, this isn't funny any more.
Summer in my part of the world.
So I know I can be an exaggerator but I swear we have not seen the sun in at least 8 months.
Gees! There I go on my sunshine kick...again!

Where I will be in approx. 6 days, 8 hrs. and 14 min.
{Lake Powell}
Enjoy your "official" first day of summer!
P.S. Look how perfect THESE are for summer chillaxing. So cute!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ta Da...Our DAD!

To the absolute most AMAZING dude on the face of the planet.
Happy Father's Day.
Pookie, Litte Man & Lu Bear
P.S. You rocked the triathlon! We're so proud of you.
P.S.S. You look HOT in a wet suit!:D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Mini Dedication

I would like to dedicate this to all my mini van home girls.

Thanks Anna for sending this. Fu-un-ny!

Peace out!

Mind Override

This is how we wear flip flops in Washington. "Flop Socks"~LAME!
I will choose to be happy today.
I will not complain about the weather any more (right!)
I will be grateful I have Ugg boots to keep my toes warm when it's 52 degrees in June.
I will appreciate my hoodie collection.
Instead of counting the days, I'll count the hours til our Lake Powell vacation.


Today I want to buy THESE but I'm thinking THESE would be more appropriate. Sucky!
Is the sun bragging in your part of the world?

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Eternity Scarf~Check!
(These are super rad dog cool. Have you seen them? Full of summer cheer!)

Fedora Hat~got it!
(Just picked one up this weekend at Forever 21~$12-score!)
Colored Shades~BINGO!
(I've already lost my new pair of summer shades~loser!)

Isn't TRENDY TUESDAY so much fun?
P.S. Download this: "Animal" by Neon Trees (Playing)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's FFF BEACH style!

To those of you who actually live where you can visit the beach this time of year and come home with a sun-kissed glow we envy you here in the great NW. Actually we hate your guts!
For those of us who are still wearing jeans and sweaters, never fear, this FABULOUS cosmetic line is here to brighten your day!
To The Beach
Love you Mac!
This MAC cosmetic line has been out for quite some time but over the weekend I finally had a moment to stop in and introduce myself to it. LOVE IT~of course!

I purchased "refined golden" (bronzer) and a super cool body shimmer bronzer thingy. I really wanted (so I thought) "sweet & punchy" (green eye shadow) but after seeing the look on my sister's face I decided against it. Probably a wise choice. Thanks sis! :D
WOW! It's FRIDAY! Gotta LOVE it!

Creation Station

Today's Project

Turning this $15 Target cardigan into a $98 Anthropologie wannabe look alike.
A pile of vintage buttons
Funky Fabric
Results coming to a blog near you.
Loving this hue of GREEN for the season!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pink Fluffy Heaven

About a week ago I bought a bag cotton candy for a $1 at Wal-Mart to support some crazy cause. It was gross. Really gross. Infact, my kids wouldn't even eat it. But I just kept eating it and eating it and eating it. I should have known better in the first place. Wal-mart cotton candy~duh! Why was I at Wal-mart anyway?


I decided this last weekend that I want one of THESE . Why? Because it's fun. How cool would you be to pull one of these pink babies out of the closet the next time you host playdate Wednesday? Messy, icky, sticky drive me nutty....yes! But, out-of-this-world cool.

Seriously though...

My kids seem to think we need the snow cone maker at Target. I'm pretty sure if I bought it we'd use it once then it would collect dust.
P.S. OMG (gosh!) THESE are the cutest quirkiest little things I ever did spy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


This is exactly the number of pictures I took at my own daughters first "official" dance recital. I'm pretty sure that grants me the "you suck" title.
Note: She was in the recital I directed over weekend. I must say it's a bit challenging playing recital director, instructor of own classes and daughter in the show. I was running around like a psycho!

This is what I have on my agenda this week. Nothing! And I shall enjoy every second of it!

This is how much food we have in our house. Aside from the ranch dressing that has been in the fridge for at least a decade and rotten apple.

This is how many naps I've been able to take so far. So, peace out. I'm off to find the longest Disney movie I can find to entertain my children and then to my bed to hide.
Welcome back Monday.
This week's gonna be a GREAT one!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Successfully defeated feeding a ginormous group of people a "heart healthy" breakfast at the butt crack of dawn on Memorial Day. With LOTS of great help that is!

Next on the agenda....
Conquering stage moms, costume malfunctions and stage fright at the dance recital I am in charge of. Wish me luck. I need it.:D

See you next week. That is AFTER I have had a chance to take a long....long nap!

In the meantime, check these beauties out:

{HERE} ~Make sure to check out all the swimwear. Killer and affordable!

{HERE}~Hey Mr.! Silly cute!

{HERE}~Ya right price but I heart them.

I'll miss you even though you won't miss me, my "woe is me" attitude and fart jokes.

Make the most of your week!

P.S. Caught a killer mullet on film this weekend. It would make you pee your pants!