Friday, December 23, 2011

It's FFF

Cozy hoodie...check! Cozy toes...check! Pretty girly fingers...check!

May you all have the merriest and brightest Christmas ever!
And if Santa didn't bring you what you wanted...just go buy it yourself!
See you in January!

P.S. I finally got my first shellac manicure. I'm not sure why it took me so long to hop on the band wagon for this, but I beg you all to do yourself a favor this Christmas. Pay the little extra to go shellac. It will make you VERY MERRY!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas is Coming

 Dinner anyone? 
We're kinda fancy around here during the Holidays.

Maybe I should have followed the advice of the Costco lady and pre-soaked my wreath before displaying. In Washington these things never die!

Christmas is almost here. 
I certainly have I meant to do this and I meant to do that on my list but, I have let them go. Let them go and moved on. 

My children don't care about the perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree or the stockings hung by the chimney with care. However, they do adore the simple cuddle on the couch during the Christmas TV special and the basket full of Christmas stories.

Today let us move on, enjoy the Holiday, and pay attention to what matters most.

Sounds nice doesn't it?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's TT

 Introducing to you for Trendy Tuesday...
The Capelet!
Ta da! Aren't they adorbs? 
As you can see from the pics above and below they come in many textures, shapes, and sizes. If you are age 68 and above you may want to consider the homemade fleece version pictured above. (You can't see it in the pic but every single one of those fringes has a jingle bell attached to it. She's also wearing shape up shoes. Awesome.)


for those of us who do not yet qualify for the senior discount may want to consider the capelets pictured below.

 Pair your capelet with one of THESE and you'll be sure to be the hot talk of the town. 
Happy Shopping!
P.S. Yes, I know this may have a slight "mocking" tone to it but, for the record the lady in the fleece capelet was absolutely delightful and chuck full of jolly! You go girl...shape ups and all!

Monday, December 19, 2011

I've got it!

Dear Santa,

So you have been nagging me for a while now about what I want for Christmas. I know I keep saying nothing but, I changed my mind. I finally know what I want for Christmas and it (potentially) won't cost you a dime. The gift of time. Time alone (no offense). Before we moved here everyone told me that the shopping in Scottsdale is AMAZING! And although I've been able to have a taste of this shopping mecca  located only 30 min. away from our home, it has always been with children. Well that really doesn't count. So, I have decided that what I want for Christmas is a day to do whatever I want (I promise I won't get a tattoo) up in Scottsdale. No curfews, no phones calls asking when I'm coming home, just a day to play. Just me, by myself.

Thanks Santa. There ya have it.
Stay safe. See you soon!
Mrs. Princess Pookie.

P.S. Don't worry. I'll spend conservatively and if you're extra good maybe I'll bring a little something home for you...if you know what I mean.;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas At My House

1. Who's getting the Toms? 2. Santa packages mixed with moving boxes sitting right under my 
children's noses.3. supplies for gingerbread party 4. present wrapping 5. our little reindeer
6. Christmas pj's 7. baby oranges 8. holiday baking, empty sugar jar 9. Dear Santa

My Lucy during family prayer: "I bless Santa's elves that are working hard and I bless that Kels and I will be nice for Santa."

Have you downloaded your instagram app yet? Look how cute THESE are!'s Monday again already. Make it a great one!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Gift To You

"The secret to becoming who you wish to be begins with 
believing you can become who you wish to be."

May you always believe in you!
Have a FABULOUS Friday.
FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday) will return next week. 

P.S. Are you in love with the above print like me?
Click HERE.
(Gold frame from Hobby Lobby.)

All I Want for Christmas

1. the movie The Help 2. gold bangles 3. itunes gift card 
4. carmella perfume by benefit 5. kiel's body cream 6. lululemon
7. gold heart studs 8. vita mix  9. dress from anthropologie

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Am I back in WA?

This morning the rain woke me to a complete panic because I thought I was waking up in Washington and the whole Arizona move was just a dream. It was the strangest thing. I don't miss the weather in Washington a single bit. Nada. No Way. Nope.
Who knew rain boots would come in handy in Arizona? For a day anyway.
P.S. Yes Dad, I paid money for those jeans and yes, they came with the holes. 
(My Dad always gives me a hard time for spending money on holey jeans. What does he know?)

Guess I won't be reading my morning paper today.

Christmas is making me tired. Really tired. I'm ready to move on and I hate that!
Have you been able to take a moment to enjoy the season?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's TT

As I was walking out of Target Saturday night a young mother who didn't speak English very well was standing by the door with her tiny baby girl asking for help. My heart ached for her. Did she have any food to eat? Did she have a safe place to go? Did she have what she needed to take care of her baby?

May we all find it in our hearts this season to give, even if it's little, to one who is in need.
Because...that is truly a big part of what CHRISTMAS is all about.
Do you DARE? 
I really hope we all do.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas at my House

Praise the maker of the pre-made, pre-assembled gingerbread house.

 Merry messages for all.
Peppermint twist anyone?

more days until the fat man comes. 
Are you ready?

How's the shopping going? Are you stumped?

1. Create a music cd of your favorite songs and attach an itunes gift card.
2. Cooking lessons for the chef lover. Tie the gift certificate to a fun kitchen tool.
3. Design a photo book of your favorite moments or create a DVD slide show of your kids and what they have done through out the year. If I have time I'm doing this.
4. Movie tickets tied to a box of red vines.
5. Say Cheese~ THIS is just awesome!
6. Anything personalized gets extra points. 
7. You can never go wrong with something UGG.
8. Living Social has some great stuff right now. Check it out! I got a goodie the other day.
9. Lucy is going to LUV THIS and Kels is going to LUV THIS.
10. And...last but not least. A new Lexus is always a nice gift.;)

It's Monday. Make it a great one!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's FFF

I've been shoe la la la la la

Aren't they just divine?

It's Fabulous Fashion Friday.
Take a nap. Eat cake. And wear something FABULOUS!

P.S. Santa, THIS would make a fabulous stocking stuffer. Just sayin. And see those shoes directly above? AWESOME!! (size 37.5 in case you were wondering)

Merry Pinterest!

 Are you on Pinterest?

 You totally should!
Why? Because it will inspire you in ways you could never imagine!
(all images via Pinterest.)

My favorite is the ornament ice cream.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's TT

Handbag + Bow = Deliciousness!
Someday I will own a Valentino handbag. the next life....when I'm rich...and famous.;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fa La La La La

Christmas at my house. 
I'm sure this is old news in the "app" world but if you don't have the instagram app you should totally wish yourself a Merry Christmas and download it today. It's a goodie!

Have you...
A. Sat on Santa's lap?
B. Ordered your Christmas cards?
C. Drank of glass of egg nog?
D. Bought your ugly Christmas sweater?
E. Made out with your lover in front of the Christmas tree?
F. Watched Christmas Vacation?
G. Roasted chestnuts on a open fire?
H. Thrown away a fruit cake?
I. Hid the packages hiding in your trunk?

If not, maybe you should consider getting started!

Happy  Monday. Make it a great one!
 P.S. Have you ever gotten a letter from Santa in the mail?

Friday, December 2, 2011


 Bedrock girls! 
Look at my hair frizzies...hee hee!
Pearls: Banana Republic / Shirt: J. Crew / Skirt: Target / Shoes: TJ Maxx

Getting back to presents...
I think I've shared this before but some of our favorite gifts have been tickets to events. Every year we all get a set of tickets to a special event (ie; Lucy~ Disney on Ice) in our stockings. Only two tickets per person are given so that the event can be a special date. Plus, it's more affordable. Our kids love getting these tickets just as much as any toy from Santa. Really. (Tip: For little ones you may want to print a picture of the event so they can connect what the tickets are for.)
Need a gift for your Prince Charming? How about plane tickets (check I've found some great deals), football tickets or tickets to the opera.-wink

Have a Fabulous Friday.
Sleep in. Eat cake. And wear something fabulous.

P.S. Dear Yesterdays "Anonymous" Commenter:
You're right. I am self absorbed. Self absorbed in living my best life so that I am able to serve my family, my God and my community the best I can. And yes, that includes buying shoes from Nordstrom and wearing pink lipstick!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December!

Because I'm kinda special me and special guest were able to attend a private Holiday shopping event at Nords last night. It was a delightful evening and a nice break from life.  Upon entering the store at approx. 7:30 PM Nordstrom employees lined up on either side of the door and applauded as we entered the store. How's that for a celebrity-like entrance? Once inside we were greeted with trays full of  hor d'oeuvres (okay it just took me 15 min. to figure out how to spell that word) delicious bite-sized desserts and other fancy this's and that's. Along with amazing customer service, the best shoe department around and an out-of-this-world return policy.... just another reason why I adore Nordstrom. Fine. Call me a snob because I shop at Nordstrom. Whatever you mom jean, turtle neck, mule shoe wearers!;)

Made a rediscovery tonight. 
Everyone MUST, MUST, MUST have Santa put 
in their stocking. It's heaven!

And if Santa left THESE under the tree you would not be disappointed!
I'm pretty sure we all need THIS winter hat.

It's December 1.
Let the Holiday Joy begin!