Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

You're only as old as you think you are!

Monday morning (of this week) I had the opportunity to teach a "Seniors" yoga class. (Note: I normally wouldn't volunteer to pick up a class of this type due to my EXTREME lack of experience but they were desperate for a sub and I happened to be there.) Working with seniors is always an interesting experience. One thing I know for sure is: They want what they want when they want it and they certainly don't have a problem telling you what they want and when they want it! Patience is a characteristic the elderly don't particularly posses. However, even though I was the crazy teacher who had no idea what she was doing and threw a huge loop in their normal routine, they taught me a lesson. The importance of attitude.

I know I've preached about attitude before but I have found that it never hurts to be reminded of the things we think we already know. This fine group of yoga participants may not have been able to stretch beyond their knee replacements but they certainly had the ability to laugh at themselves, SMILE and enjoy life. And even though they may be doing this in their not-so-fashionable polyester pants and purple hued hair, a positive outlook on life is far more fashionable than anything you or I could pick up at Nords! One participant was celebrating her 83 birthday-she made sure I knew;)-and her comment was, You're only as old as you think you are! She's absolutely right.
Take time to enjoy your weekend.
P.S. Have you made your Mom's day wish list yet?:D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Denimly Distressed

{And boys will always be boys.}

Why is it that when a small boy runs around with holes in his jeans he looks like he belongs on the other side of the tracks?

Why is it that women (and men) pay hundreds of $$$ to have delightfully distressed holes in their jeans?

Why is it that people assume: "I live in a trailer, wear light up shoes and sport a rat tail"

Why is it that people assume: "I'm a super model, live on the upper West side and can afford to pay someone to wash these jeans for me."

"Joe Dirt's my Daddy"

"Donald Trump's my Daddy"

Things that make you go Hmm???
I say hip hip hooray for distressed denim! And you? Let me guess, you prefer THESE. Mom jeans!

P.S. What the heck are THESE? No, these are not okay unless you are Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lovely Little Lulu

Who signs up for this stuff? Not me!
Notice how she has cushioned her head for the tantrum.

Adorable little three year old for sale. She comes fully equipped with poop in her panties, has the ability to destroy any shade of lipstick in 5 seconds flat, can chew through a whole pack of gum hiding in your purse in an hour and is guaranteed to turn any room into a complete disaster zone with one twirl.

Any takers? She does like to cuddle and brush long hair.
Note to the crazies: Kidding!! No need to to get your pretty princess panties in a wad and call CPS on Mrs. Princess Pookie. We'll keep her. Tantrums and all.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

PEACE, Love and Happiness

And just like everything else, it has once again returned. In my lifetime I believe this symbolic sign made its debut during my junior high years. Remember that Washington D.C. trip I took in the 8th grade that I mentioned a couple posts back~"red" fanny pack ring a bell? Well I believe one of the souvenirs I came home with was a bitty pair of peace earrings. In fact, about a month ago I found them in my jewelry box! Anyway, PEACE fights back. Especially when it comes to accessories. From bangles to rings and from petite to oversized you can't walk into an accessory department without PEACE flashing in your eyeballs.

I gotta be honest. I’ve never really thought of myself as the hippieish type (aside from the crazy fun headbands that squish my brain) and I certainly tend to prefer solid over tie dye—but how can I not support such socially-conscious fashion? My latest PEACE purchase...oversized hammered silver earrings~TJ Maxx $16.99. TJ's has had A LOT of darling little PEACE sign accessories. They currently have a ring similar to the one on the right for $10! I want it but that would be a little too matchy matchy for me!:D So, I DARE YOU! Find your inner PEACE and show it off by wearing it proudly on your finger, wrist, neckline, or lobes. Even Tiffany & Co. dares! Just PLEASE don't pair it with tie dye or Birkenstocks! Thanks!

PEACE out sistas!

P.S. I mentioned give aways last week...they will start next week in honor of Mom's day. I was thinking Mom's day was this week. Maybe we could celebrate it twice!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mrs. Princess Pookie's Social Calendar


And this pretty much sums up the thrilling weekend I had.

A trip to Pier 1 with Lucy. Now that was blissful! When will she ever understand the phrase "Don't touch!"? Never, I'm sure.

Finally broke in the new RES (rear entertainment system) while driving to Lowes.

Car kid silence...priceless.

My children HATE this store! Unfortunately making rainbows with paint chips isn't fun for them anymore~darn! We've put the home improvement projects on the back burner for a couple months now but it's back to the drawing board. UGH! Where's Carter Oosterhouse when I need him? Just kidding my're my Carter Oosterhouse. :D

After we checked out on Saturday, this is how we felt! No shoe shopping for me this week, or next week, or the next. But hey, we finally have blinds. Woohoo! I'd rather have new shoes.

Sunday: Church, rest and a butt load of laundry! How much is a butt load of laundry you might ask??

Lulu played dress up, her favorite game, and came up with this invention. Jammies and mismatched shoes~darling my dear. Here she's striking a pose for her brother. So her...LOVE it. :)

For round two she coordinated a little better. Check out this new summer dress I got for her at TJ Maxx~$10! If you haven't made a TJ's run lately I recommend it. There's always a good deal to be had there. But remember, just cuz it's a "deal" doesn't mean you need it!
There ya have it princesses. I'm sure after reading this post you're as bored as I was all weekend!
Make your Monday count!

P.S. Okay, so I did have an ounce of fun. Jer took the babes bowling for a work thingy on Saturday and while they bowled I was able to hit the mall for a quicky. THESE hoodies are really cute! Thanks to my Gap rewards I was able to get one in yellow!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

...Or not so much.

The Fanny Pack
Once upon a time a very clever individual invented a do daddy gadget-like purse thingy which clicked around the waist. They came in all shapes, styles and colors, including NEON, and they were the handiest HANDS FREE "stuff" holder around. One ZIP and everything you needed (chapstick, lucky rabbit's foot, Binaca, etc.) was at your finger tips. Who wouldn't want one? They were the perfect invention for men, they were the hottest item in any contest give away and you could wear them at many various points on the waste. I think slightly off center is the snazziest.:)

Why the heck am I blogging about fanny packs? I don't know really but at lunch yesterday I saw a lady sportin' one. Right smack dab in the middle of the city. No trails, no granola bars, no outhouses in sight. Her fanny pack was her purse! Oh dear. It just made me chuckle. And in case you were wondering, she also had THIS haircut. I'm not being rude. I'm just informing you. I think my second grade teacher had this do.
Fanny Pack Fashion:

This fanny pack~ cool!
I actually have this one so of course it's cool. Kidding! But it made a great diaper bag.

This fanny pack~ not so cool. Oh...denim! So versatile!

Another silly little YouTube clip for ya. Yes dumb but I loved their outfits. Note: scroll to the bottom of my blog and hit pause on the music player.

Conclusion: Fanny pack in Europe=cool. Fanny pack in JcPenny=not cool.

Guess what? It's FRIDAY! LIVE IT UP with your fanny pack.

Did you ever sport the fanny pack? I totally remember wearing one on my 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. It was red and nerdy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Happy MOMMY'S Day!
Every princess loves a great deal!
FREE pair of Lobee Lover earrings with every necklace purchase!
FREE ship on all bracelets. All come perfectly wrapped just for you!
{click above pic}
P.S. Next week will be FULL of give aways!

Nice to meet shoe! Lookie at my new rock star shoes! $12.99 baby. I know, you're all jealous cuz I not only found cool shoes but found them at a cool price! Hit your local Marshall's and we could be twinners!
The Car hunt is over!

Can you guess the car we got? I hit the 50 mileage mark today~whoa! Ain't gonna be no Slurpie drinking in my car. It has that "new car" smell. 45 freakin degrees today (so my car says) and just yesterday we were slip and slidin' at a playdate! Have I mentioned I hate living in Washington?

Cereal sale! Good old Crunchy Corn Bran. I use to steal this from my roommate when we were in Jerusalem. However, this same roommate would set her alarm for 4AM-classes started at 8- and her alarm would go off for hours until she actually got her butt out of bed! I think we ended up hiding her alarm clock too. Nonsense! :)

Decor...Picked these bad girls up at an antique store last weekend. I think I'll name them Milly and Gert. I'm loving the silhouette stuff out there. Now to find them a home. Maybe my kitchen??

And more SHOE news~

Okay, so ever since I found THESE shoes for my "wedgie" post I have been thinking about them. They are fab! Let's see...what can I take back?:)

C-Ya tomorrow babalicious babes!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mani Pedi Time!

If you've ever had a mani/pedi I know all of you can relate to this! Funny stuff!

Princess Assignment: Go and get yourself a mani today! Color? Why HOT PINK of course. Hope this put a smile on your face~even if you've seen it before.

This new collection from OPI is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Trendy Tuesday~KIDO STYLE

Can I be your fashion advisor?
Look at me. I'm the coolest kid on the face of the plant and I like to change my clothes 50 times a day. I put this outfit together myself. Is is a 10?

Summer Twirling...
For today's TREND I have chosen to feature kido etsy summer dresses. I am in love with etsy (you all know that by now) and have been doing a search on summer dresses for Lulu. You know, before we knew we were having a girl I actually really wanted another boy. When they told me I was having a girl I was slightly disappointed. However, as soon as I left that doctor's office and hit the closest Gymboree, my mind changed in an instance. As we all know, girl clothes are SO much cuter than boy clothes. I AM OBSESSED WITH LITTLE GIRL FRILLIES ~especially tutus! (I still will not admit how many tutus my child has!) How much longer do I have til she grows out of the frill and fluff? It all just goes too fast...most days.:)

All of these little darlings can be found at I used "children's dresses" for my search.

Have fun TWIRLING in the sunshine! Twirl~ such a happy word.

Mrs. Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Sshh....can you hear that? Me either. Quiet, nothingness. Precious MY time. My Prince has swept me off my feet today (Sunday) and has taken our royal family to the park. Sheer dream come true for me AND my children! Probably not so much for hubs but I know he values the limited playtime he gets with his mini peeps. Relax. Breathe. Do nothing. Loving life!

Now on to the rest of the weekend fun. Friday night I had a date with my prince to the car dealer. We're in need of making a decision on a car and there is nothing we despise more in our life than visiting the car dealer. I HATE CAR SALESMEN! To make a long story short we had the WORST experience of our entire car buying history and we're back to ground zero. When it comes to buying cars all I ask for is honesty. And that on Friday, we did not get. UGH!
Let's take a vote. What kind of car do you think we should get?

A. Mini van
B. Porshe~the kids can stay home!
C. Car truck aka El Camino~what's the point of these anyway?
D. Range Rover

All right, if you insist we'll get a Range Rover. Anyone out there willing to donate to the down payment? If I can round up $60 grand in donations maybe I can afford one. Please?:)

Saturday we took a roadtrip to the tulip festival. One of my favorite Godly creations is a field of brightly colored tulips. Unfortunately this year we didn't see any. Once again welcome to my IRONIC life. Had we given it a couple more weeks we would have been able to see the tulip rainbows but due to the unseasonably cool weather as of late, the tulips are still sleeping. BUT we did get to see the daffodils, a few early rising tulips and shop and eat crap food at the street fair

This will kill you! If not you, everyone else around you will be dead from your breath!

Now that is what I call funny! One of the booths at the street fair was selling Mexican wrestling masks (Nacho Libre style). We spent more time in this booth than any other and laughed our guts out! My nephew ended up buying one. We all wanted to buy them for our fam. reunion this summer but at $25 a pop my sis and I thought...We can totally make these! Will we? Not likely!

Lulu dancing & singing in the daffs. I know I'm her mom but this was pretty cute.
My mommy has been telling me all day to not touch these things but she's not looking right now. Yah....ha ha ha! camera dies. Welcome once again to my IRONIC life. Back up batteries? Who needs those? The rest of the day was caught on my sis's cam. She says she'll get me copies but does anyone ever really do that?:D
Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Especially those of you who live in Washington. Go sun!
Make your Monday count!
P.S. I almost forgot! Silly me! The Lululemon outlet in Burlington ROCKS!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

EVERY princess on the face of the planet has a dresser drawer of boring T's and a stack of jeans. Which swear to me they're not mom jeans! And if you're a Mama living in the fast lane aka "Life" then you know that it's a good day if you grabbed the clean T. I get it princesses, I really get it. However, adding a little sass to your t-shirt frass is VERY inexpensive and takes literally 15 seconds longer. All I'm suggesting is throw on a spring scarf (they're everywhere) and some funky chunk earrings and you're babalicious!! Simple, affordable and my favorite...mindless. Trust me, you'll look soooo much more put together. I promise. I even just wore my flip flops with this combo~comfort fashion~score!
Conclusion: Turn your boring jeans and T into a HOT Mama combo meal. It's easy! :D

I'm a plain old boring Mama who listens to Delilah, never wears nail polish and thinks Princess Pookie is a rebel for always using the word "crap".

I'm the hottest soccer mom ever. Watch out I come. Bring on the flaming RED toes and rockstar music.

I wore this scarf yesterday and got several compliments on it. For crying out loud people it's just from the stupid GAP. No...or is it European?:D My earrings didn't photo well but they're gigantic peace signs.

Don't you just LOVE Friday! Make it a great weekend.

P.S. I just discovered THIS shop on Etsy. Lovely little pieces for your lobes. At these have no excuse!