Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome Back!

Did they have a good time?
This would be the result of late night movie watching, missed naps,
junk food overload and excessive vitamin D!
YIPEE...we found the sun! Not a single drop of rain.
Now that's what I call a miracle.

Hunting on the beach
Say no to crack Lulu!
Having a PARTY in the back of the car. All are invited to join!
...According to Kels.
My road trip treat choice. It's Robbin Egg season. YES! My fav.
Do you remember digging in the rocks when you were a kid
on vacation? EVERY tourist trap has them!
The selling of rocks~what a genius~ the person was who came up with this idea!
How they like to dress in Port Townsend.
Interesting little place up there. Cute, but interesting. road trip would be complete without a stop to the Mcky Dees' playland.

And this IS what it's all about!

Bottom Line: Was it anything like sipping pina colada's on a cruise ship? Of course not. Would I have rather been on a cruise ship sipping pina colada's? Yes~duh! But that is not the point. Each and every day I'm realizing how quickly time is slipping away. Even though there are days that I may not particularly like my children-note: always love 'em, just don't like 'em everyday:)-I'm learning that right NOW a precious moment is happening that I won't ever get back. And whether I'm on a cruise ship, on a road trip, or simply filling the bathtub with bubbles bound to overflow, I know that the most important thing in my life to do today is make a memory with my family! (I'm totally tearing up-geesh!)

Make it a memorable Monday!

p.s. Thank you auntie jan and uncle PBJ for letting us intrude on the cabin. Next time we'll be sure to break the vaccuum!;)


  1. Very cute post.

    Your kids look like they're breaking their necks!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful adventure.
    I adore LuLus' heart jacket. She looks adorable in it. My fav. pic is of them crashed out in multiple directions.....what a crank in the neck to wake up in that position.

    P.S. You made me tear up too. I LOVE how you said, "right NOW a precious moment is happening." That would be SO great in a frame to read everyday. :)

  3. Love robin eggs. I ate 2 tonight. :) When you were a kid, did you ever lick them then rub them on your lips like lipstick?

    Don't deny it, I know you did... Muahahaha!!!

    (p.s. your kids are really rubbery. Future contortionists?)