Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Are you addicted?
Polish? Nail art? Glue-on jewels? Nails that are TOO LONG? Grody! The days of the lightening bolts, swiggles and palm trees are OVER. Long and square...bye bye. Short and slightly rounded...welcome home. A dainty flower on a freshly pedicured toe=cute. A jingle bell and holly=Ho Ho NO! I can say I do love a fun polish. (Especially when someone else does it for me.) Short and simple is my preference. Dark colors are hot but, on long nails, a big fat NOT! And my biggest pet peeve~ those who sport nails at varying lengths. If one breaks, give it up and cut the rest.



(It seems as though people with nails like this enjoy wearing a plethora of rings as well.)

My advice: KISS
(keep it simple sistas)
Is this a guy?


  1. I totally love my short rounded nails. I could never get into the longer squared off ones...they just seemed ugly looking--perhaps it is b/c they made my hands look weird. Now if only I could keep from having to have my hands in water all the time perhaps the nail polish would last longer than an hour!

  2. I admit, I have acrylics. But I do keep them short and sweet. I'm on a computer all day long and I can't do it with the really long ones. Besides the fact that, oh yeah- totally tacky! But I get the acrylics because on my natural nails nail polish just screams to be picked off! It's especially fun to do lots of layers so its thick, then you can peel it off in one piece. Kind of gross, I know, but I just can't keep the polish on without the fakies.

  3. You know me, I love my long nails. It's not work to grow them at all. They are my real nails and I don't do any crazy designs but, I have been keeping them rather short lately.