Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today I have been home one week.
The suitcases STILL have not been unpacked. We've been out of toilet paper for two days now and there is laundry all over my bedroom floor that was there BEFORE we left.
My excuse?! Don't have one!
Nevermind those daunting To Do tasks I can't seem to get a grip on.

Moving on....
You must all get a babysitter today and go buy yourself my new April cosmetic find. Mascara! (or click the link and buy from the comfort from your home braless wearing your pjs!) Mascara that looks freakish when you open it up (interesting wand) but once you apply it, it is delightfully amazing. And for all your cheap scape's out is worth every penny! ($13 give me a break! It rocks!) And the best part. If you don't adore it, you're crazy, but M.A.C. will take it back and give you a full refund. Win! Win!

Bat those lushes lashes. It's Monday! Go for it!

P.S. This mascara is worth a random trip to the mall today. BUT don't kid yourself. Leave the children at home. Make up counter+children=psycho mother. Trust me. I pretend like it's going to work out and be fine. It never is!:D

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