Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Up?

Bought a crazy owl necklace at Old Navy. Oh my...and have you seen the owl ring at Target? I'm pretty sure it's a must have too!:D
Got a hair chop and fancy highlights. I haven't had my hair this short in forever. Time will tell how it works out for me. For now, feels great! I'm convinced change is ALWAYS good.

Check it out. They're actually getting along for 5 min. My two twerps have been anything but BFF's lately. The craziness of our life is getting the best of all of us.
Who's ready for summer?

And lastly, let me once again apologize for my lack of blogging. Not that my content is all that meaningful. Infact much more meaningless but...It's "that" season. Buried in dance recitals, over-scheduled children, more remodel (repaint, carpet, tile, last of hardwoods laid) shopping, of course;) and loving my BFF aka Prince Charming.
Happy Monday!
P.S. Did I already tell you I'm painting my house red? I can't wait! Are you scared?

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