Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Suite Life

Welcome to our home.

It's pretty fancy.

They make our beds for us.

They treat us like VIP's at breakfast and they serve the BEST orange juice ever!

We have to take a secret elevator to get to our room.

They think we're the cutest kids alive when we leave for school each morning.
(This hotel location is a "business" dude location. My kids are the only children around.)

And we get to swim everyday, sometimes twice...

And our mom lets us eat treats in our bed.
It's a suite life!

We have been living at the Hilton for the last 10 days. 10 days! Yep. I'm done. The kids are loving it but, this Mama has had enough. School started here last week so we rushed down to get started with everyone else. It's been sorta fun. Eating out and having someone else make my bed. But, I'm ready for my own place. Speaking of own place....we picked up the keys yesterday. It's just a rental but it has a pretty cool pool!
Come visit!

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  1. Lucky you, made beds and not having to cook ;) I'm glad you'll be in your house soon! We still got another two weeks before we finally move in. At least the kids are busy with school, Riley starts next week!