Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 This and That's

1. I live in Arizona now. It's still freakin hot. I tried to wear jeans and boots yesterday and almost died.
(I'm not complaining. Just sayin.)

 2. Yay! My letters finally came for my kitchen. Aren't they cute? I ordered them on Etsy.

3. Got to see one of my besties (so I wish) last weekend. You all MUST purchase her new Christmas cd. I asked her if she would do a concert at my house. She said yes. Really she did! I'm not kidding. Maybe we are besties after all.:)

4. Need my baby boy to walk now.
5. Need my baby boy to walk now.
6. Need my baby boy to walk now.

7. Do you think I could recreate this room? I need that yellow chevron chair.

8. Thinking about making these. Too hard? THIS tutorial seems great!

9. Anyone read THIS blog?  I sat by Mr. Nielson on the airplane. We chatted it up. Does that make me cool cuz he's sorta like a celebrity?

10. Laughed so hard listening to my son talk about what his dad does for a living.
(Prince Charming is the boss over a lot of nursing homes. Which means a lot of old people. And old people can be funny. According to Kels.)


  1. So cool that you met Mindy Gledhill, I love her songs. And Mr. Neilson that's pretty cool too :)

  2. Yep. totally cool!! You were already cool though.

    We just made carmel apple bites... so much better because you you get more yummy goodness on each slide (bite) and you don't have to dislocate your jaw to eat it.

    I want to know what Kels said??? I have a funny video I need to send you to show your hubby. It's cute.

  3. I'm jealous that you have an in with Mindy Gledhill! I'm also a tad jealous that you got to sit by Mr. Nielson. You probably already know that Stephanie was Layton Jones' granddaughter?? Layton Jones lived at the nice assisted living place in GH where you had your dance classes.