Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back Today, Gone Again Soon

Where in the world have I been?

Hanging with Mickey and my devil eyes. 

 Being a DUMBO for standing in line for this ride.

 Buying princess hair.

 Being silly with Prince Charming.

 Eating HERE. SOOO much fun!

 Checking out the stars.

 Huntington beach.

 Trying to convince Prince Charming he should wear this for Halloween.

Shopping in the LA fashion district.
If you're in LA you must go here.

 Hanging with my home girl.

 Witnessed this amazing couple get married for time and all eternity.

Getting my sisters in line.
I have no idea what I was doing here. This pic makes me laugh.

 Indulging in Mac N Cheese bites from HERE.
 Loving my girls.
I'll let you believe these babes are my hommies from high school.
Or I could tell you that I am their aunt.

 Taking a spin in G-pa's new toy.

 Playing my favorite game (cuz I always win:D) and eating G-pa's famous popcorn.

Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to me again. New manicure with THIS color.

Happy Birthday yet again.
Came home to Prince Charming's AMAZING homemade German Choco. Cake.

And an extra special very unexpected birthday surprise.
It's a cookie jar.
Thank you Prince Charming for a very special birthday.

Okay so that was far too much boring "all about me" stuff.
Thanks for indulging.
See you tomorrow.
Trendy Tuesday shall return next week.

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