Thursday, November 17, 2011

FFF & A FF Give Away!

Let's get to the important stuff first.

Lookie! Finally it's here.
The give away you've all been waiting for.

What you get...
1. Black bow embellished shoe clips~Idea: clip on your nude colored shoes. Darling!  2. I heart Eye of the Tiger earrings~grrr. 3. Baby Blackie hair piece~looks like a cutie worn hippie style. 4. OMG! Look at her lashes (mascara).  5. Double Dose OMG Look at her lashes!~falsie style awesomeness!
YAY! That was so much fun. I can't wait to wrap up this little package of goodness and send it to one of you! Don't you LOVE getting stuff in the mail?

To Enter: Just click on "fashion experts" below and enter your name. That's it! Easy as pie. No "follow me" linkage, no twittering, no facebook friending, just your name!
{Winner will be announced Tuesday 11.22.11.}

This give away is open for blog stalker's too. Don't be shy. Enter away.
Did you know that I'm a bit of a blog stalker too?

Here's your FFF

Wow! It's Friday. Awesome!
See you Monday. Don't forget to enter the give away.
Weekend Download: Major Tom by Peter Schilling (playing). I LOVE this song!


  1. Michelle Smith- I sure miss you, love your daily posts- yes I am one of your blog stalkers.

  2. Kari Carrigan - Hi! I need to call you! I will try a little bit later today! :)

  3. Alyssa Fujimoto :) My husband makes fun of me for keeping up on your blog. Its just always so fun! Love ya!

  4. sarah cunningham- gh isn't the same without you

  5. Hey,
    I want free stuff! Hey was just thinking of you and all the Holiday splendor that you are starting to create in your home I'm sure. Love it!


  6. If I win, I am going to have my husband take me out somewhere without the kids :)


  7. Cute stuff Jo Dee! You know how I feel about your stuff... pick me pick me!!

  8. Debbie Coberly
    Your blog is so fun!

  9. lauri baas---Mimi shouldn't win because she didn't listen to directions and put her name down:-)