Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fa La La La La

Christmas at my house. 
I'm sure this is old news in the "app" world but if you don't have the instagram app you should totally wish yourself a Merry Christmas and download it today. It's a goodie!

Have you...
A. Sat on Santa's lap?
B. Ordered your Christmas cards?
C. Drank of glass of egg nog?
D. Bought your ugly Christmas sweater?
E. Made out with your lover in front of the Christmas tree?
F. Watched Christmas Vacation?
G. Roasted chestnuts on a open fire?
H. Thrown away a fruit cake?
I. Hid the packages hiding in your trunk?

If not, maybe you should consider getting started!

Happy  Monday. Make it a great one!
 P.S. Have you ever gotten a letter from Santa in the mail?

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