Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December!

Because I'm kinda special me and special guest were able to attend a private Holiday shopping event at Nords last night. It was a delightful evening and a nice break from life.  Upon entering the store at approx. 7:30 PM Nordstrom employees lined up on either side of the door and applauded as we entered the store. How's that for a celebrity-like entrance? Once inside we were greeted with trays full of  hor d'oeuvres (okay it just took me 15 min. to figure out how to spell that word) delicious bite-sized desserts and other fancy this's and that's. Along with amazing customer service, the best shoe department around and an out-of-this-world return policy.... just another reason why I adore Nordstrom. Fine. Call me a snob because I shop at Nordstrom. Whatever you mom jean, turtle neck, mule shoe wearers!;)

Made a rediscovery tonight. 
Everyone MUST, MUST, MUST have Santa put 
in their stocking. It's heaven!

And if Santa left THESE under the tree you would not be disappointed!
I'm pretty sure we all need THIS winter hat.

It's December 1.
Let the Holiday Joy begin!


  1. Give me a break. You are so self absorbed!

  2. I think you are SUPER fabulous and anyone that doesn't should probably move on in the online world. You are the bestest friend ever and would hand over your Nords time in a moment for a friend or family member in need. So good for you for taking some "me" time. If we all did that every once in a while maybe we wouldn't be so quick to judge others.
    Peeps ;-)