Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day of LOVE {2}

Plan, Plan, Plan!
I hate it when someone tells me this. Why? Because I have been around long enough to already know that when I "plan", life runs much smoother. is your motivation. PLAN!

Question: What would YOU like to see happen on Valentine's Day? Then plan it!

I have been married for {almost} 15 years. If I want something to happen, I make it happen. My Prince Charming is very thoughtful and adorable and loving and wonderful and totally hot (Are you all barfing now?) BUT...if I don't tell him my expectations or do the planning myself then there's going to be disappointment. The End.

Do you want to have a fun Valentine's Day? Plan it. 

How do we spend our day of LOVE?

For {almost} 15 yrs Prince Charming and I take the day off, send the children to school and take ourselves to lunch and the spa. The date is set, the expectations are clear, we avoid V-day evening craziness, and we have a wonderful time. This has been our tradition for {almost} 15 yrs. No fighting about where to go to dinner. No me getting annoyed that he spent too much money on stupid roses. Our gift to each other is a spa treatment and time together...perfection!

There ya go.

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