Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boys, Boys, Boys

Boy #1 made me Brazilian lemonade last night. If it was an alcoholic beverage I for sure would have been drunk. I'm telling you, this is the most AMAZING cup of crack ever. Make some tonight!
(Note: it's seems to be a "slightly high maintenance" recipe but it is soooo worth it. Especially if you can convince your hubs to make it. hee hee)

These are my famous lemon bars. Yep, they're famous. Within my small social circle that is.
Boy #2 proceeded to get one for himself. Strategic~eh?

This is Boy #3. He is a pain in the butt to shop with. And that's putting it nicely. However, if we find him a pair of sunglasses that seems to entertain him. For 30 seconds. Maybe.

And are you ready for the good news?

I think we found a place to call home. Cross your fingers that it all works out for us!  Stay tuned.

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