Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend At My House

1. love a new dish towel 2. pom pom palooza 3. i hate his diapers but i sure love him 4. baked a cheesecake from a really great cookbook  5. i've decided that this will change my life 6. kid craft project

Guess what? It's Monday.
Do your best to make it a great one! 
 I know, I know, sometimes that is easier said than done but I promise, life's not that bad. Dig deep, hold on, and let life bring you joy. I'm pretty sure I'll be more joyful once school starts. ;) How about you try something new today. What a great idea! Let's do it together. You and me. No need to have another boring Monday. Choose to make it an awesome day! I get it,  diapers, arguing children, bills and dirty dishes are anything but awesome. BUT...doing 20 push ups in your pjs, applying fake lashes (you should totally do that today!), or having a pillow fight could be pretty awesome!

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