Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TT (Trendy Tuesday)

First of all...

It's mustache day at school. 
You know me and mustaches. LOVE them. 
Fake ones, not real ones that is!

Second of all...

It will change your life. And body.
The end.
I was talking to this girl the other day and she was going on (and on) about not wanting to "bulk" up. UGH with an eye roll on the side.  Fine. Embrace those flabby triceps you're sporting. If you are using the "I don't want to bulk up" excuse that means you just don't want to do it. 
Girls don't "bulk" up. 
(Yes there are rare exceptions, but I'm fairly certain this doesn't apply to you.)
Just do it. 
 Sorry. Just had to add that in today. I've been having too many conversations lately with nutty women who are too scared to lift weights.
What they should be scared of is how hot they'd be if they'd do it.

And lastly...

How about a pair of shoes with a shiny cap toe?
It's Trendy Tuesday...
Do you DARE?
P.S. I do!

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