Thursday, December 27, 2012

Super Special

This year I had a favorite gift.
Not because of value.
Favorite gifts rarely fall into the expensive category. Right?

Kelson picked out these (faux) diamond studs for me. All by himself. 
Just for me. 
he used his own money. 
When he handed them to me Christmas morning it was completely unexpected. 
I was touched. 
I was thankful. 
I cried inside a little but didn't show it because he'd be embarrassed!
Mom's can be soooo embarrassing you know.

The earrings are absolutely perfect and I will treasure them.
Thank you Kels. You're my favorite first born kid. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
Our new home is slowly shaping into a livable space. We're loving it.
I promise. Pics to come soon. 

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