Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Friday

today i feel lucky.
i feel lucky to be healthy.
i feel lucky to have two legs that can take me from point a to point b.
i feel lucky to have a strong heart.
i feel lucky to know the importance of taking care of myself. 
i feel lucky to have been exposed to the BEST cookie ever from here.
{sea salt choco. chip~hello cookie gods. will you marry me?}
i feel lucky to know that you can eat the BEST cookie ever but only in moderation.
i feel lucky that if i wanted to i could go buy another cookie tomorrow. 
alright enough about the stupid cookie. did i really just post a picture of it too? my apologies.
moving on.
i feel lucky to be happy. really genuinely happy.
i feel lucky that i get to teach fitness classes. i love it.
being lucky. 
did you know you are lucky too?
you are sooooo lucky to have a beautiful body.
take care of it. right now.
it will bring you health, happiness, and delicious cookies. okay maybe not that last one.

Happy Friday!
shop. eat a cookie (or cake). and MOVE.

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