Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Friday!

good golly miss molly it's friday and i couldn't be more excited. the weather's great, the laundry's done and dinner's in the crockpot. what a great start we're off to around here. what's next? here are a few things i'll be exploring this weekend.

 house accessorizing. prince charming hates my new skull friend btw.

 breaking in the new heels. i won't even tell you what a steal i got these for because it will make you cry that you didn't get a pair too.

 deciding on the shade. this color could either go out-of-this-world amazing or very, very wrong!
wish me luck. it's going in the first floor bath.

playing around with green smoothies. love my vitamix in case you were considering one.
yes i add the green. i'm not a cheater! i took the pic before i added it.

thinking about how i can truly apply this quote to my life. 

have a wonderful weekend. 
shop. eat cake. MOVE. and wear something fabulous.

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