Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello summer vacation, is it really you?

1:30 PM: Carpool Mom travels to school to pick up her kids on the last day.
1:35 PM: Summer vacation officially begins. Yahoo! Maybe?
1:36 PM: 4 kids hop into carpool Mom's car with massive amounts of very important papers.
1:37 PM: 4 kids beg carpool Mom for play dates, ice cream, swimming, and movies.
1:37 PM: Carpool Mom thinks she might be getting a headache.
1:42 PM: Carpool Mom and her kids walk into their home
1:42 PM: After 180 days, Carpool Mom's kids "forget" to hang up their backpacks. Again.
1:43 PM: Carpool Mom's kids start their after school snack hunt.
1:45 PM: Child 1 yells, "Mom, we don't have anything to eat."
1:46 PM: Child 2 spills chocolate milk. Everywhere.
1:47 PM: Child 3 poops his pants.
1:47 PM: Child 3 starts screaming because he pooped his pants. (potty training sucks)
1:48 PM: Child 1 hurt child 2's feelings.
1:49 PM: Child 2 starts fake crying because her feelings have been hurt.
1:49 PM: Child 1 starts laughing because child 2 is fake crying.
1:50 PM: Carpool Mom gets a phone call from her BFF who hears the chaos and starts to laugh.
1:50 PM: Carpool Mom tells her BFF to shut up. In a very loving way. 
1:51 PM: Carpool Mom makes child 1 apologize, changes poopie underwear, and mops choc. milk.
1:53 PM: Carpool Mom is approx. 20 min. into summer vacation and she can't help ask, "When does school start again?"
Happy summer vacation everyone!
Here's to rough starts, double scoop ice cream cones, and happy endings. 
It can only get better. Right? 

P.S. I'm thinking these would be the perfect summer vacation treat-for my feet!

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