Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Next Chapter

Today's a big day for me.
It is the day where Ms. Callahan and I will chat about my future.
Will I go back to college to get my master's degree?
All while raising a young family?
People do it all the time. 
People smarter, more disciplined, and much more patient than myself I'm sure. 
I don't know if right now is the appropriate time for me to pursure this dream but,
I'll  never know unless I do my research. 
Master's in Exercise and Wellness for 2014 here I come. Maybe?!



  1. I've been going to college part time for 4 years, and I'm about to go full time in fall. It will never happen until you do it. And it's not going to be easier later (when your kids get older, when your house/yard/whatever gets finished, when your blah blah blah happens...). I promise. Go. Now. :)

  2. My mom said it is better to go to school when kids are young because when they are teenagers it is a lot harder to keep trackbof them. Good Luck with your decision. You can do it.

  3. I went back last year after my "baby" went to first grade. I graduate in April with a Master's in Social Work. It flies by once you start! Good luck! xo