Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thank You Target Follow up

 1. The Modern Updo
(excuse the terrible pic. taking a photo of the back of your own head is not a simple task.)
Going to pick up THESE this weekend for myself for Mother's Day to help fancy up my "modern updo".

2. Airbrush Legs
I'm a big fan. The end.
Warning: read the instructions first.

3. bodycology
I enjoy it but I could take it or leave it. Note: I'm very scent picky!

4. Essie "Big Spender"
I actually really like this shade and I'm not a purple person. Lucy pointed out that it even matches the play-doh we were playing with. And while we were playing with that play-doh my mind was thinking Barney. Maybe I don't like it anymore?

5. Skittles
Thank you once again Skittles for entertaining my naughty 2 yr old at TJ Maxx today so I could find a few new throw pillows. Once again, you're a life saver.

that's a wrap.
Or a rap. 
Whatever you prefer. 

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