Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Randomness

And just like that it's Friday.
And just for you, here is some serious randomness.

Perfection. Absolute perfection! 
Dear Hubs...10/17/2013 is coming soon. 

Check THIS out. It's so flippin funny. People are so wierd.
My favorite is "white chocolate."
Warning: PG 13

We can all be as cool as her right?

Pardon my animal print addiction. 

My apologies. Sometimes when you work in the industry you just gotta get it out. 

I could eat THIS everyday. Does that make me a hypocrite after what I just wrote above?:)

Write this down and remember it during your next conversation. 

Beauty pet peeve that I see ALL the time. Heavy, dark outlined eyes.
Please, please, please read THIS. It will make you even more beautiful.

Phew...have you had enough?
Me too.
Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend.

p.s. and just for the heck of it...
Eat cake.
And wear something fabulous!

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