Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Come On In

new kitchen chairs here

Welcome to my new place. How about we take a seat, enjoy ourselves, and maybe chat about what color to paint our front doors. Or, we could plow through my piles of magazines and find the perfect pair of shoes to wear on Friday night.

Although still under construction, I hope you will take a minute to explore and click around. Especially the new side bar features which will continue to be updated. For the most part the content will stay the same. You know, links to all sorts of things we don't need, venting sessions about my kids, and yes, a plethora of crappy pics. Did I mention I'm not a photographer?:)

I hope you enjoy the new space.
As always...
Thanks for reading!
Jo Dee

P.S. Shoes matter!
P.S.S. The Mrs. Princess Pookie blog has been merged with this blog. 

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