Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rollin With Me Take #2

 pardon me for a moment while i make out with this lime.
(my all-time favorite scent!)

did you know?
i think i may have an addiction to peanut butter. are there support groups for that?
i have to groom my girl stache. yep. disgusting. you'll still be my friend though right?
i don't like it when people call me crafty. i don't know why it just bugs me.
i thought i hated pumpkin stuff. after eating 4 pumpkin cookies for dinner i guess i was wrong.
wait. pumpkin pie= nasty crap!
i don't like to play trains with my almost 3 yr old. what? i don't.
my friend got a boob job. should i tell her they make her look fat? (they're huge!)
keeping up with kardashians is pretty good entertainment at 2AM. and only 2AM. love bruce's hair!
when i was at walmart yesterday i left mid list and went to target instead. snob i know.
i assume people with pierced noses have hairy armpits. i don't get pierced noses. or hairy armpits.
i laugh at people who get hurt. i'm sorry i just can't help it. 

and that's the way i roll. 

p.s. today's my birthday.
p.s.s. rollin with me take #1 here. 

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