Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Sweet Treat

I Carrot about you!

If you like carrot cake you must try THIS recipe. Carrot cake is not necessarily at the top of my must-have dessert list but every now again the thought of it tempts my tastebuds. I've had a random hankering for the dessert so what'd I do last night? Whipped up a carrot cake from scratch. Mind you, I have NEVER made carrot cake in my life but store bought wasn't going to do the trick! Just so you know, just because there's a veggie in the cake does NOT make it healthy. Warning: do not view the nutrition facts on this recipe!

BTW: No thanks to raisins~ Nasty crap!

Snazzy duds to showcase while baking up a carrot cake.

I don't favor the color ORANGE but I could do either pair of the above shoes!
If you live in the Tacoma, WA area you MUST visit Hello Cupcake on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Their CCC (carrot cake cupcake) is pretty darn tasty.

P.S. I'll take THIS "carrot" any day!

1 comment:

  1. I love orange. :) It makes me happy. Right now I only have one article of clothing that's orange (long story) and I only wear it during October (scrub pants) Ok, it wasn't MY choice to have orange scrubs BUT...

    ...I dress Caleb in orange. :) He's got an orange polo shirt right now, he looks great it in with khakis or jeans. And I never lose him when he's wearing it. haha! A few years ago I had a bright yellow-orange polo too, I wore it when I felt energized.

    You really must do orange in VERY small doses. :) But it's fun! Try it....