Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's FFFF (Fabulous "Funky" Fashion Friday)

Gettin' Creative

It's Fabulous FUNKY Fashion Friday and I have yet again attempted to reinvent the old. Up Top: long sleeved shirt, layered with a blouse and topped off with a tank. The TRIPLE decker! Down Below: CowGIRL boots & taffeta black skirt.

Plain old boring tank adorned with mini pins and a few simple stitches. Whoda thunk?!

First of all, please excuse the "I have something in my eye" look. I don't know what my face was doing. My 6yr old took the pic-which he hates to do-so a re-shoot was out of the question.

Anyway...Here's a weekend project for you. Create your own funky tank. I like THESE pins and THESE would make the cutest little mini buttons. Iron on patches from JoAnn fabrics and snip-its of ribbon make for cute embellishments as well. Let your imagination create. Affordable, easy, fun! BTW: Tanks are $3 at Forever 21!

Pulled it all together with some silly arm decor I made. The bracelet says "cutie" not "cubie"!

It's something FUNKY!

p.s. Anyone want any carrot cake?:) I've had my fill!

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