Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Is Being Lucky Anyway?

I am LUCKY because....
I have a family who loves me~most days that is.
I get to make choices.
I am able to serve others.
I am healthy.
my hubs takes out the garbage.
I can read.
I can walk.
I can taste, smell, touch, see & hear (however, sometimes the magic "mute" would be nice)
I know me.
I can dance.
I can pretend to sing.
I have a DVR...I HATE commercials!
mini things (as in size) make me smile. So cute!
I know that going to church regularly is important.
I know God lives.
I know I have purpose.
my kids say thank you.
I realize that no one needs that many pairs of shoes~but they were on sale!
my parents raised me to be honest.
I live near Nords (had to throw that one in!)
my very part-time job is rewarding.
I understand that small things can make a big difference.
I married my Prince Charming~love you forever!
I know that tomorrow is a new day.
I've been to Disney Land. The happiest place on earth mind you.
my friends care.
I don't have a Range Rover car payment.:D
I am breathing today~We'll see what tomorrow brings!
I am ME

Why are you LUCKY?
May you take a small quiet moment today to realize how lucky you really are. If you would like to share, click on "fashion experts" below to let us know how lucky you are. Please share...it's good for the weary soul! Thanks for reading today!

P.S. Did Mr. Leprechaun turn your milk green too? I have to admit, even though it tastes the same, there's something very wrong about drinking green milk!


  1. I am Lucky because...
    we just found a new apartment which is more room, cheaper, and still in the ward!
    I am unlucky because...
    now I have to pack everything up, and our current landlord is still making us pay rent for April.

  2. I told Marley Happy St. Patricks day and she said, "what?" Am I a horrible mother because yet again I have passed up this holiday? ...Maybe we'll celebrate it next year.

    I'm lucky because I am officially an LMT. AND I've managed to find plenty of interviews before choosing the best.
    I'm lucky because Marley is ready to start schooling part time and meeting new friends. This makes is OH SO much easier on a me.
    I'm luck to have such a Fantabulous ( word made up from my girlfriend ) Husband who fills Marley and my life with JOY!

    P.S. Adorable shoes on LuLu.

  3. I am lucky because my ex-sis-in-law decided she couldn't make it up to my nephew's play tomorrow and so she WON'T be staying at my house.

    PAAAARRR-TAY! I wasn't really in the mood to play host to ex-family, but I am too soft to make her drive all the way from Vegas to here and get a room in a hotel just to be a good mom when I have a spare bed/bathroom.

    But it did give me an excuse to buy some freakin' cute flip flop towels/bathroom accessories and I got 'em all put up in the bathroom and it's SO CUTE! :) I'm lucky that I can do little things like that sometimes.