Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Little Chuckle Here And A Little Chuckle There

I love to laugh. I love it when when my kids laugh. I love it when my prince makes me laugh. I love a house of laughs. Laughter...excellent medicine for the soul!
Things That Make Me LAUGH:

2. Lucy's terminology. Kids are hilarious!
3. People mocking Lord of the Dance (Riverdance)-like THIS
4. Unexpected tripping (non-injury causing of course)
5. An undone zipper
6. Speedy rollercoasters
7. The movie Get Smart
8. Sumo wrestling
9. Grandma's with purple hair
10. Crash Up Derbies (Is that what they're called?)
11. A gobbling turkey
12. When a grown man screams due to a silly prank
13. Jay (bro-in-law), Ryan (nephew) and Jer (hubs) doing a fashion show-don't ask!
14. 2am conversations
15. My life~ If you cannot laugh at yourself then you've got a serious problem!
Conclusion: Lighten up and laugh today! It's not that bad.
What gives you the giggles?

1 comment:

  1. Best laughs here are six sisters making fun of each other and their "dear ol' mother"! Side hurting laughs right there.