Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Real Life

No I don't buy expensive clothes from places like HERE. No I don't walk around in pretty make up and fancy shoes all day. No I don't have a personal assistant to take my messages and run my errands. That would be lovely though.  I'm just mom who gets pooped on (happened yesterday), fishes binkis out of toilets and finds boogers stuck to the kitchen table.
And let us not leave out, feeds the fish when all other responsible parties forget.
What a glamorous life I lead.

He thinks he is so funny.
Ha. Ha.

Yesterdays outfit.
Do I look good in purple?
Ironically...I hate the color purple.
And my hair...oh dear!

is your local Target getting a make over too?
It's causing me all kinds of confusion and stress. I'm disliking it very much. When I went there yesterday (minus the all purple outfit) I told the checker outer girl that their store was giving me Walmart flashbacks. Not good.
What is happening to my favorite store?
Is it the end of the world and no one's telling  me?
Happy Wednesday!

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