Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lengthy Lashes

The eyelash extension debate summer 2013

And so it goes like this...
I did it. 
The end.

What made me decide to try them?
1. My friend has them and she's totally hot!
2. I wanted to be hot like my friend.:)
3. That same friend's mom does them out of her home...
4. for CHEAP! 
(Comparitively speaking that is. I paid $75 full set/ $45 fill)

I was against it for a really long time. Mostly because of price and maintenance. Unless you find a groupon they can run about $200 for a full set. (from a salon) THEN...there's the stinkin upkeep. Every two weeks they told me. Every two weeks $85-$125 for a fill?? (in a salon)
I'd rather buy shoes!

to make a long story short I LOVE them. 
They make me feel fancy without a stitch of make up on.
And the hubs digs them too!;)

 I'm wearing gloss, blush, and filled my brows.
That's it! Promise!
(I'm totally going to say this wrong but I'm wearing "thirteens"-length, "1.5's"-lash thickness, and seems like something with a "b". Wait, maybe that's my bra.-hee hee. No really I think there's a "b" in there somewhere??)

Other things to note:
Application takes FOREVER! (2-3 hours for full set) A synthetic lash is literally glued to every single one of your own lashes. I have friends who get fills every two weeks and I have some that go three. I on the other hand go four weeks and could probably go longer. They are slightly high maintanence. I don't wear mascara with mine and it's highly recommended not to. You don't need it! Why spend that kind of money on beautiful fake lashes to gunk them up with mascara? That's my opinion anyway. I personally haven't had any problems at all with mine but, I've heard a handful of wierdo stories. (glue reactions, loss of lashes, etc.) You have to groom them and you need to be careful around water. No face scrubbing or eye rubbing. 
They do fall out, they do grow out and get creepy long (I pull those out), and you can get them removed if you hate them. 

They make great save-it-for-later treat catchers. HUH?
Here's my funny lash story that's probably not all that funny. Well sorta funny.
The other night I took my kids out to dinner to one of our favorite local resturants where they serve slices of delicious rootbeer cake. You know me and my cake! Anyway, my cake eating/devouring apparently got a little out of hand because long after our resturant departure and about five stores later Kels looked and me and said, "Uh Mom, I think you have a piece of cake in your eyelahses." Yep, sure enough. I had a big hunka chunk of rootbeer cake stuck in my lashes.
You know...just saving it for later. 

they are definately worth trying.
I bet you will love them like I love cake!

P.S. Seriously? How freaking cute is this twerp?!

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