Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How About that Today

Today I...

* Ran to Target to buy salad and came home with chocolate milk and pie.
* Taught an entire ballet barre class with my shirt on backwards.
* Stopped in to Sally's to buy hairspray and bought decorative nail tape instead.
* Started to clean the bathroom and then got bored. Or distracted. Or both. 
* Got a new T.V. provider (bye-bye cable, hello dish) I totally don't get it. 
* Cooked an egg to a burnt crisp state. My house still stinks.
* Searched for classroom Thanksgiving crafts on hour craft BUT, found a picture of my dream hair.

Fairly productive day wouldn't you say?
I am so lame. Lame. Do people say that anymore? Or was that just a 90's thing? What are the young folks saying these days anyway? Did I just use the word folks? Pretty soon I'll be eating dinner at 4:30 and removing my teeth for their nightly cleaning. Oh dear.

I hope you find your day to be much cooler than mine.
Keep smiling!

P.S. Have you seen this?

1 comment:

  1. The past few days seem to be going this way for me...