Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just Eat It

The Truth: My brain really has had nothing all that interesting to share as of late. Even though silly things have occured and fabaulous shoes have been tried on (more on this to come), I'm feeling emtpy...unclever...maybe even downright boring. I hate to disappoint.  BUT... there is this one AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING breakfast idea you must try.

Ladies and Gents I present to you the "Bountiful Bowl"
(in this order pile in a bowl)
Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)
agave nectar drizzle
blue berries
topped with flax seed

Why flax seed?
omega-3 (I'm not a fish person)
Note #1: I read that flax seed is better for you ground up vs. whole. I put a scoop in all my smoothies. 

Results: It's feakin' fab. Go buy the ingredients now. 
Bonus: It will make you poop!

Note #2: Granola can be chuck full of F.A.T. Choose wisely. Read the label. 

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