Sunday, February 15, 2009

Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Just the TWO of us...

{Strawberry Waffles}
{chocolate dipped strawberries}Happy VALENTINES Day!
We don't generally get gifts for each other but while playing in Seattle, hubs
bought me THESE little yummies. They're pretty cute on the lobes!

A few more V-day this and thats...
We ate at Gordon Biersch in Seattle~excellent food & superb service!
Highly recommend it! I had strawberry MINT lemonade and Jer had the
"housemade" rootbeer. TASTY!

I gave Jeron Fig Newtons (icky!) and he gave me Loft House sugar cookies.
As you can see, mine were much more popular with the fam. than his!

More cards to add to the collection.
Gerber daisy's from Jer (he even found ribbon and tied a bow
around the vase!) and tulips from the kids.
My Man!

I LOVE you to the moon and back my hunk of burnin' love.
Thanks for another PERFECT V-day!

Ya...that's right! I just posted a pic. of your bum bum. Why...cuz I love it!:D
Just the FAMILY...Once we got home from our "day" date, we ate cookies with the kids, had heart shaped pizza and watched a movie. We also dipped strawberries & maraschino cherries in chocolate. Sorry, no pics. I meant to at least take one of the pizza but the kidos dug in to it before I could grab the camera.
Sure hope you all had a wonderful weekend of LOVE!

The toothfairy visited us again!


  1. Sounds like a great day of LOVE! We had a visit from the toothfairy ourselves! Makayala wished for a golden dollar, hmmmm. Well, she came through as usual.

    We had a good time at the comedy show and got to go out to dinner before so that was nice.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!
    So glad you guys had a great one!

    Can Kels look any cuter with his missing tooth? :)

  3. Lofthouse cookies are my downfall. Mmmm...

    I took the kids to have a family caricature done 2 summers ago when Caleb was missing both front teeth. I'm still pretty disappointed that she didn't cartoon the missing teeth in. Bummer! (Otherwise it turned out cute - I hung it on the wall and treated it like a family picture!) Kelson looks so cute, I love it when kids have holes in their grins! It's a great time for pictures!