Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Spring Cosmetic Line Up

What's Your Face Having For Breakfast?

First, let me be frank. My cosmetic knowledge is fairly non-existent. Forever my cosmetic box consisted of a few MAC products~which I do still favor, mascara and Burt's chapstick. It wasn't until my cosmetic obsessed niece came along that I ventured into an outside-my-make up-box frenzy. That and an introduction to Sephora-a terrible addiction and now one of my top three favorite stores!

Call me the cosmetic snob. I do not buy make up at my local Target (except for mascara). I don't have the knowledge, patience or funds to wander the isles and pretend like I know what I'm doing. Also, I'm a TRY ON gal. Therefore, I prefer department store stuff for three reasons.

1) There's someone there who can help and answer questions.
(except if you're shopping at Macy's at South Hill Mall~hate that store!)
2) I can try a sampling to see if I love it.
3) I can return it if I get home and discover I hate it after all.

For the most part I like to keep it pretty natural looking but, occasionally I have to admit I love to throw on something sassy. I have a bright turquoise colored shadow that is so much fun & not too long ago I picked up a ridiculously bright hot pink lipstick~Ooh la la! Anyway...below you will find some of my favorite pretties for the spring. I have tested all these products and now they are part of my regimen. I promise...all of them are really great products.

I featured this stuff a while back. Now that I have been using it a while I think it's awesome. It's just the right amount of color for the face. I mix a little with my moisturizer in the morning and HELLO! sunshine...Did you just get back from Cancun? For a touch of fake sunrays for your ghostly face click HERE. {talk to the tan $26}

My sister introduced me to THIS eye palette and it's PERFECT! It comes with everything you need. Concealer, 2 shadows, eyeliner & all the brushes. It's the perfect LOW MAINTENANCE natural splash of beauty for the eyes. Mine has lasted a good year now. {Big Beautiful Eyes $32}
**If you were choosing 1 practical thing, buy this.

If nothing else, THIS under eye booster is the one thing I generally don't leave the house without. Dark circles are my friend. Oh wait...my enemy! Maybe if I'd quit blogging at 2am I wouldn't have to use this stuff! It's not meant to replace your concealer but worn over top (or not if you're not a concealer girl) It brightens the under eye area. {Ooh La Lift $22~when I started buying this is was $16...dang economy!}

TARTE~THIS I just added to my bag about 2 weeks ago. I REALLY like it and it's gonna last me FOREVER. The only way I know how to describe is...CUTE!
**If you were choosing one fun thing, choose this.

My friend Deb (Hi Deb...you rock star kickboxer...go kick some butt on Thurs.!) introduced me to THIS delightful gloss~lipglass from MAC. It's a fabulous color- Soft pinky peach with an icy touch to it. The shade is call "Prr" and it's absolutely Prrrrfect! {$14}

And if you have 10 extra minutes for yourself apply a pair of THESE. If you could do yourself a girly favor, go to the MAC make up counter and have one of the artists put fakey's on you. A mere $12 will make you feel like a princess. YOU WILL LOVE THEM. I wear MAC #20's. They just go on the outside 1/2 of the lid. I have tried a handful of other MAC lashes as well and have loved them all. I owe this tip to my friend Lara~THE lash expert~ Perfectly applied EVERY time!:)

AND for the grand finale...

I was in desperate need of a new razor so I picked up this pink Cadillac over the weekend. Just opened it yesterday. It was pricey but I must say worth EVERY penny! It smells divine and it's PINK! Can't go wrong with that combo.

Hope this post was helpful to at least one person out there. All the products featured can be purchased at sephora.com. Be careful...it's addicting!

P.S. Tomorrow's post will show up around the lunch hour. You'll understand why tomorrow!

P.S.S IF there are a lot of typos in this...sorry...it's late and this princess is exhausted!

HAPPY SPRING Princesses!


  1. I'm totally going to have to try your let-the-make-up-lady-apply-eyelashes trick. I wore my first pair of eyelashes for Halloween, they were crazy things that felt like tarantulas on my eyes. Once I got 'em on, they were way fun. But I should probably leave 'em to the pros to apply. It was pretty funny....

    I like the Gillette Fusion. I have it in both the Power and the not-powered. I like 'em both. They are the men's versions. I was looking over the men's and lady's razors and noticed that if I bought a men's razor, for the same price I got more blades and a neat trimmer on the back. And I like the blue strip on Gillette razors - it tells you when to toss the blades.

    I MUST tell you.....
    I seem to have been buying all my fragrances at Victoria's Secret in the last few years. Their fragrances just seem to appeal to me. I'm about out of Pink and it's time to replace it (I like to keep 2 nice fragrances at any given time - a "daily" fragrance, and a "va-va-VOOM!" fragrance...) Yesterday I bought VERY SEXY NOW. :) It smells like papaya, orchid, coconut milk... and SUMMER! It was on sale ($35 vs. $49) AND... right now they have a promotion going on that if you spend more than $10 in the store you get a gift card back that's worth at least $10 but it could be worth up to $500 (GC valid 7 April thru May something). I could buy a lot of bras for $500. Or I could buy some lip gloss for $10 - which I would do anyway because I like their lip gloss. It's win-win. :)

    Happy Shopping!

  2. I love Sephora. I had a pretty little package on my door step just yesterday. Mascara, brow mascara, foundation and of course several samples. Plus they threw in a cute little tote for me!

    I haven't tried lashes. Maybe those will be next on my list.