Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome To VEGAS Baby!


I will be out of the office March 26-March 31. We're going to VEGAS. But...shhh it's a surprise. My hubs has no idea. Hence the late post today. (not that he's going to be checking my blog between the hours of 7am and noon but....keepin' it safe!) I've had to keep the secret now for about a month and a half and I'm more than ready for the reveal! Keeping a surprise like this is a lot of work~if you only knew the work~lying, cheating & even stealing!! I'm picking him up from work like we're going on a "lunch" date. Our lunch date just happens to be at the Seattle airport. Oh, did I mention that our 12 year wedding anniversary is today? 12 blissful years! I'm pretty sure I'm not old enough to have been married for that long. We actually spent our homeymoon in Vegas. We love Vegas which is ironic because we don't gamble or drink BUT the sun, shopping & friends are fabulous! See ya when I get back!

p.s. I won't be posting about our get away because remember...What happens is Vegas stays in Vegas! Oh, and the song that is playing is "our" song. My hubs changes the words & sings "Breakfast at Jo Dee's"~he's my cutie pie!

p.s.s. Congrats Heather! You won the bracelet. Thanks everyone for participating!


  1. For reals? 12 years? You are NOT that old! Have a wonderful time. If your lucky, you'll run in to Linda. She's down there now too!

  2. Yeah the big day is finally here! I hope you guys have a really great, RELAXING, time and don't forget to soak up some rays for me. And do some great shopping too.

  3. I got my bracelet today and put it right on, I love it Jo Dee:) Thank you so much. Have a wonderful anniversary!

  4. Have fun on your trip...I'll be looking forward to the follow-up post.

  5. Happy Aniversary :)

    Did they really turn all the lights on the strip off for Earth Hour on the 28th? I hear the Las Vegas sign has never been turned off before...?

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
    Love Vegas, I've only been there once. I got to see Mama Mia down there....AWWWWWWESOME!!!!!!!

    You gotta share if you went to any shows at least!

  7. Oh one more's SNOWING here!!!!!