Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reality Bites

Party Like a WALKER Rockstar!
Toasting with the FREE ice water at the pool. The pool server babe loved us~big spenders I tell ya!

Our 10 reasons to visit Vegas:
1. Sun
2. Sun
3. Shopping
4. Sun
5. Stripburger chocolate fudge milkshake
6. Sun
7. Sleeping in
8. Sun
9. Time together with no kidos (Thanks Mom!)
10. And...the sun

SHOPPING! Caught a spiffy runway show at Fashion Show mall. Funny...the stage was much more impressive than the clothes modeled. It came out of the floor~neato!

Hmm...which show should we see? "Jubilee" or Donny & Marie? How about NEITHER!! However, we did end up seeing Ka-a Cirque du Soleil show and Wayne Brady. That Donny & Marie sign was on the side of a hotel. Glad my room wasn't located in Donny's right nostril!

This was cool. Palazzo Hotel.

Due to high winds we missed one of our Vegas favorites. Belagio fountain~guess we'll just have to go back soon!

FANCY SMANCY! We stayed at the Trump Towers and it was absolutely perfect. 5 star hotel...can't beat it. Check it out- A TV in the mirror in the bathroom. I want one!

Trust me when I say I could have taken a gazillion more "interesting" pictures but when I'm on vacation I don't like to carry much. So...the camera spent most of it's time in the room. Oh wait, maybe that was us.:D


I think it's safe to say my prince was more than surprised (the surprise had a minor glitch Wednesday night when I came home and caught him trying to book a weekend get away for us on Expedia-ugh!) and he had a well deserved relaxing, fabulous time. Love you FOREVER my prince charming. Here's to many more "blissful" years together! (Note: I use the term "blissful" because that's the word my hubs always uses when describing our marriage. Is he being sarcastic?? Should I be worried?:D)

Conclusion: Book your get away now. Or at least start saving. You won't regret it!

P.S I came home with a nice "real" tan! Real is sooooo much better than fake! Wouldn't you agree?
The song that is playing was blasting outside where we walked every day so we heard it a trillion times. Great song but I've had my fill thanks! (Bruises by Chairlift)

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  1. Glad you had a fab time but glad you are home. I missed you!